Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Scientists Converted Human Blood Cells into Neurons Successfully.

This is the breakthrough news in the health circles that he health researchers have converted human blood cells successfully into functional neurons. This discovery is a milestone in the in-depth evaluation and cure options in the human brain ailments like Schizophrenia and Autism. 
This transformation of human blood cells into functional neurons take three weeks time and it is being done just by the addition of four proteins within the human blood.
The transformation of cells is carried through a stage called as Pluripotency but this transformation does not include this stage and but is being done through a more direct transformation way called as transdifferentiation.  This way is the direct way in which one more human body cell, Somatic Cell, convert into another somatic cell. 
This is the most potent way till now for the human cell's conversion and can imagine the speed by the fact that 50,000 neuron cells can be produced from this way by just a millimeter of human blood. 
The conversion is carried out by the samples of fresh or frozen blood cells and this will open a new era in the study of neurological sciences and discovering cures for the psychological ailments like stress, anxiety, depression, and all other associated brain health challenges. 
This technique was first developed in 2010, the initial experiment was carried on the mouse, where scientists successfully converted their blood cells into the neurons by passing through a process known as pluripotent. The laster research fund that the same can be done with human skin cells and liver cells. However, in opting for the human cells and liver cells from a large number of population to evaluate the accuracy of the technique was a real challenge. The advanced search for facts brings out anew and a comparatively easy way for the conversion of human blood cells into neurons. 
In a second way, scientists evaluated the possibility of converting the immune cells within the blood, the T cells, for the conversion into Neurons. But the real challenge was that there are very basic structure and function differences in between the human body neurons and blood cells. Neurons are elongated and have the capability for the transfer of electric impulse. Although the conversion takes successfully within three weeks the produced Neurons were not perfect. They were capable of the conduction of electric impulse but were lacking in the aspects of interlinks with the Neurons for the transformation of the Nerve impulse. 
But the researchers are confident that further investigations will overcome this as well and they will be able to convert the human blood cells into a perfect and functional human body Neuron. 

This Supernatural mushroom can Change the view you see the World.

 Depression is a nightmare the most common issue of today. You can face it at any stage of your life. Multiple options of antidepressants are available that will gradually change your view, how you see the world and will cure or at least lessen your depression symptoms.

But today i am not going for any drug cure details for mushrooms, just i want to share something very wonderful. This is the magic mushroom that can create wonders for the symptoms of depression. This magic mushroom has the most effective brain-friendly nutrient, that is Psilocybin, now let's see what Psilocybin will do for your brain and body.
Psilocybin for the Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
There are positive proofs that Psilocybin can treat and cure your anxiety and depression symptoms. This magical nutrient interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain, this is the same action as the majority of the antidepressants have. 
In addition, Psilocybin has the anxiolytic effects as well and can be used very successfully for the cure of anxiety.
 A very authentic study has also confirmed that psilocybin is very successful in the cure of major depression as well. The study was conducted on 12 patients and was given two doses of Psilocybin, one high and one low with psychotherapy support. One week after the treatment, 8/12 patients have greatly reduced their depression symptoms. When the treatment was continued on these patients for three months, five patients are totally depression free and the remaining severity was reduced from severe to moderate or mild.
The obsessive Compulsory disorder that is a condition that is closely associated with individuals with depression, Psilocybin have good cure rates. A limited study that was conducted on 09 patients that were not responding to the common antidepressants, these patients showed a reduction of 23% to 100% for the symptoms of OCD.
Psilocybin rewires your brain and has good impacts upon your nervous system as well. This is due to the confirmed benefit that Psilocybin resets a control system within the brain, this the Default Mood Network, DMN, that is closely linked to stress, anxiety, and depression.
Psilocybin in the Treatment of Addiction
A very recent data that is issued in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, have shown that Psilocybin, when combined with the common use treatment for addiction, have shown very promising effects on quitting tobacco and alcohol addiction. In the Tobacco Secession, its success rate is 80% which is more than any other assistive therapy for addiction cure.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Top and Time-tested Home Remedies- 06

Top and Time-tested Home Remedies- 06
Home remedies are good, it is the crunch of the experience of generations. Let's talk about some of the top most effective home remedies.

The presence of Cayenne has good effects on psoriasis. This is due to the presence of Capsicin, the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that is present in the Cayenne.

The formation of kidney stones is due to the combination of Oxalate with Calcium Crystals within kidneys. This is the most painful condition for the suffering and lemon juice is among the most effective yet simple solution for the same.
Lemon Juice contains Citric Acid that prevents the combination of crystals formation of oxalate and calcium and thus prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Valerian leaves will make you fall asleep within few minutes. One of the most prominent advantages of Valerian leave is that it has no hangover effects as that of the sleeping pills. Studies have confirmed that Valerian leaves bind to some receptors in the brain, the same way as the sleeping pills like Valium do. 
Take two tablespoon of Valerian Tincture or two capsules of Valium 30 minutes before going to bad and enjoy a deep and sound sleep.

These are the black coloured small seeds of fennels that you can see in the restaurants and this is the ultimate solution for the dyspepsia and indigestion issues. Take a pinch of fennel before your lunch or dinner and stay protected from the bloating and dyspepsia of your gut.

Green tea is among the most effective home remedy for joint pain. The benefit is confirmed by the Arthritis and Rheumatology Journal, according to which green tea contains powerful antioxidant, EGCG, that have very beneficial effects for the joint pains.

This is the most effective solution of chapped lips and its use is very easy. When you have cracked lips, just apply olive oil upon it and you will get the amazing moisturising and lips softening effects of this oil and will get the cure for your cracked lips as well.

If you have the issue in word recall and memory, take sage capsules. This is confirmed from multiple studies that it will improve these aspects of a brain in a natural and safe way.
This is confirmed from the research that is carried in the University of North Carolina, that people that eat soy have more healthier bones and have fewer risks of bone fractures.
The sources of Soy are Soya Bean, Soy Milk, Miso, Tempeh and tofu.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

By these six ways exercise to give you a better brain.

Exercise is among the best medicines both for your brain and body. Exercise make your brain better by following seven way.

As you will get older your brain cells growth gets slow and exercise is the best way to reverse this slow growth. 
The was been proven in a study that was conducted on healthy individuals having a sedentary lifestyle. Their age was in between 60 to 79. After six months of continuous aerobic workouts, there was a significant volume growth in the brains of these individuals. On the other side, there was no such change in the brain cells of controlled individuals, who were not exposed to regular exercise. 
The research further concluded that cardio exercise is essential for a better brain and it is the best way to prevent age-related brain decline.
The hormone within your body that is responsible for the growth and proliferation of the brain cells is called Brain Derived Neuropathic Factor, BDNF. Exercise is the proven way to boost the production of this neuropathic factor, that contributes a lot in the wellbeing and health of the brain.
Depression has multiple bad effects both on your brain and body. It reduces the processing of information by the brain and thus it affects your memory, mood and decision making. Exercise is a good way to improve the symptoms that are associated with a brain in stressful conditions. It does so by balancing the levels of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. The balance of these chemicals is closely related to the sense of wellbeing and calmness of brain.
Stress at the brain level is the elevated levels of Cortisol that makes your thinking scattered, makes the function slow and results in forgetfulness as well. Exercise is the best way to lowers the levels of cortisol hormones and results in the reduction of stress symptoms.
Simply speaking the cognitive function of the brain means the function that is related to memory, planning, concentration and brain stamina. There are multiple studies that have shown that the executive function if the brain is well related to the exercise. The studies that are conducted on individuals age in between 55 to 80 year have shown that those individuals that are doing regular physical exercise have about four times more executive function of the brain compared to those who do not perform the exercise.
You are getting energy from what you are eating and this is Glucose form of the body that are utilised by the body including your brain as well. Your body will absorb the glucose only if it is accompanied by the hormone, Insulin.
If the body insulin is not effective in its function, the body will produce more glucose so that it can fulfil the energy requirements of the body and if this process continues for a longer time, it results in Type- 2 Diabetes.
In type- 2 Diabetes your brain will be flooded by the glucose cells and this results in the impairment of brain function as well. 
Regular exercise improves the sensitivity of Insulin that results in the more efficient absorption of Glucose and thus prevents the flooding of your brain by glucose cells.

Monday, 24 September 2018

The Top and Time-Tested Home Remedies- 05

Home remedies are effective as they are being tested by the time and its effectiveness is for today as well.
In this regard let me share some very valued and time-tested home remedies that will add value to your life by enhancing your health and fitness.

This is among the classical remedy for Diarrhea and is really very effective in cases of losing motion both in adults and children. They are loaded with Tannins, these are the nutrition that has proven results to strengthen the mucosal membrane and thus helps in the cure of Diarrhea. 
It is easy to use Blackberry for the cure of diarrhoea. Take one to two tablespoons of fresh or dried blackberries and boil it well in one and a half cup of water. Strain it after boiling for drinking.


This is among the most effective remedy for the relief of Constipation and the reason is that its a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibres. Due to the presence of the valued soluble and insoluble fibres, this will helps in the constipation relief in a natural way.
You can just add two to three teaspoons of flaxseeds into a glass of water and let it remain for 2- 3 minutes and this will give you amazing benefits of constipation relief.


Thyme is an effective and natural expectorant and it will do what you are aiming for in case of a wheezy and congested chest. This is among the best relief of a cough in a natural and smart way. It will give you additional benefits of Thyme tea if you use it in combination with Ovy and Primrose. The way of usage is very simple, just boil the water well and place it in a mug. Then add a taespoon of Thyme and keep it covered for 5- 8 minutes. Afterwards, add some honey and drink it.


Cucumber contains powerful antioxidants that have proven results for reducing the swelling and inflammation of eye and eyeballs when applied topically on it. Just lie on your back and have a plate of fresh and cold cucumbers, that are cut in circles. Place each circular part of cucumber on your eye for two to three minutes and then replace the circles with another pair of cold cucumber. You will get the desired relief from the eye strain and eyeball swelling.


If you have the foot odour issue, just massage your feet on lavender oil, before you go to sleep. Lavender oil not only smells good but it also contains antibacterial components, that will make your feet odourless. 


Artichoke leaves are the best solution for the GERD and Heartburn issues. It contains nutritional values like caffeoylquinic Acid that improves the release of bile from the gallbladder and thus aids a lot in your healthy digestion. In addition, the leaves are good solutions for nausea, bloating and gas of your gut. Better option to consume are the artichoke capsules that are easily available at the drug stores.


It is now confirmed form multiple data that those people who eat 20 cherries per day are being protected from the elevated gout symptoms. The logic behind is that cherries provide you with nutritional components that have the natural ability to fight gout. So do not miss cherries if you have the gout symptoms, it will keep your Uric Acid level in balance.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

These are Top and Time-Tested Home Remedies- 04

Home remedies are effective at any age, here are the top home remedies that are used for hundreds of years and are still effective as well. You can get the desired advantages of the same as well. 
Let's review some of the top and time-tested home remedies.

Buttermilk is the good alternative for skincare particularly when it comes to the cure of age spots on the skin. Buttermilk contains Lactic Acid and Ascorbic Acid, these two in combination have the amazing ability for the cure of skin, sage spots. Its use is easy, apply buttermilk on the cotton ball and apply on your skin that has the age spots. Rinse after 30 minutes and you will get the skin age spots lighter and lighter.

Baking soda is among the oldest known ways for teeth whitening and you can use it for your home teeth whitening today as well. Baking soda has strong abrasive benefits and it will rem subjected to love all the stubborn teeth stains, just right at your home.
Its preparation is quite easy, take a tablespoon of baking soda and add little water in it and thoroughly mix it. When the paste is prepared, apply this upon your teeth and brush gently. Let the paste remain on your teeth for 02 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 
You will get pearly whiten teeth within just two minutes time. 
As baking soda have strong abrasive qualities, so do not exceed the use of baking soda for teeth whitening more than twice a week. This will prevent the risks of teeth sensitivity and enamel damage.

One of the oldest classical remedies for the prevention of cold is that keep yourself warm. You will definitely remember the advice of your elders for the same as well and the same is true. A study conducted at the Yale University have found that cold viruses replicate more effectively when the environment is cold. So, have a hat and a jacket in winter and keep yourself protected from the common cold and flu symptoms.

Tennis Ball has many health issues as well and one among them is the use of tennis ball for itchy feet. Just rub the ball upon your itchy part of feet and you will get a good calming and soothing effect. The rubbing of the ball lengthen the tight tissues and thus helps in the relaxation and cure of itchy feet.

No matter what is the brand of chewing gum, it is an effective remedy for stress relief as well in addition to bad breath cure. A study conducted on Japapense have shown its good results for lowering the stress levels of stress, anxiety and tiredness. In this study, the participants were subjected to two weeks regular consumption of chewing gum. It has proven effects upon lowering the Cortisol levels as well and the fact is established that stress is directly proportional to the levels of Cortisol within the blood. 

This is the classical remedy for the back and joint pain and is used for Centuries for the same. You can also get the advantages of the Comfrey for pain relief and will get the instant relief by applying its Cream on the affected area of pain and inflammation.

These are the viral infections of the mouth and may be caused by the injuries as well. If you have Canker sores, then milk of magnesia is a good relief and for this, you have to just put some milk of magnesia into your mouth and move it thoroughly within your mouth. Keep it for 2 minutes within your mouth and then spit it out. 
You will get a good and safe cure for your Canker Sore health issue. 

Friday, 21 September 2018

These are the Top old and Time-Tested Home Remedies- 03

Home remedies have served the human ailments for hundreds of years and they are effective today as well as they were before.
Today I am here to share with you among the most effective one.

This medicinal plant has potent anti-inflammatory benefits and it soothes the itching, burning and swelling of the blood vessels. When witch hazel is crushed and it will give relief from the haemorrhoids issues both in dry form and in-gel one.
Just place or apply the witch hazel upon your haemorrhoids and you will get the instant relief from the haemorrhoids symptoms.

Motion sickness is commonly associated with long-distance travelling and in this condition, your mouth produces excesses of saliva, that is causing the disturbance in your gut and you feel heavy. In addition, the motion sickness will make you nauseatic as well.
To cope with these symptoms, lemon is the best option as it reduces the production of saliva and will make you fresh and will cure the symptoms of nausea as well.
In addition, you can also get considerable relief by just snipping the lemon.

This is the invention of world war 1 and has been very effective for skin cuts and minor injuries. One use of duct tape is the cure of warts, that is being endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology as well.
PETROLEUM JELLY FOR WOUNDSFile:Wounds by Haemadipsa zeylanica s2.jpg
If you want to protect your wounds from infections then petroleum jelly is among the best options for it. It will cover your wound and will make it so difficult for bacteria to cause infection. Although the continuous use is not recommended as it may trap health from the sun and have the risk of developing allergies and acne om skin, yet the use of petroleum jelly is an effective remedy for the cure of skin wounds.

An apple not only keeps you away from Doctor but from the dentist as well and it makes your teeth white and removes the coffee and tea stains. Once the stains will be removed, you will avoid the chances of getting the oral infections and will get pearly white teeth as well. What you have to do is just munching an apple and will get the type of teeth that you are wishing for.
There are two ways by which apples make your teeth white and shiny, one when you eat an apple it scrubs against your teeth and acts as a natural brushing of teeth.
Secondly, apples are highly enriched with fibres that rub the teeth for its whitening and to remove the teeth stains.
Do just one thing to get most out of apples for your teeth and health and that just rinses your mouth well when you eat an apple. The reason is that apples are rich in acids and sugars as well, and rinsing your mouth will flush away the acidic and sugar effects of apples on your teeth.

If you have the pain within your body or a chronic pain sufferer then Cold olive oil is the good solution for you. Cod Olive Oil is a strong anti-inflammatory that has the benefits that it will reduce the pain, redness and swelling of your body.
In addition, Cod fish oil is a rich source of omega- 3 fatty acids as well, that will boost your brain and heart health as well.

This medicinal plant has amazing healing benefits and that is why is an effective remedy for overall oral health and bad breath.
Just chew this plant roots and you will get the desired antibacterial action for the cure of your bad breath.
In addition, Licorice root is effective for the cure of teeth decay, oral infections, stomach upsets and have the bonus benefit of reducing your stress levels as well.


Ice is an effective headache remedy and its results are proven in multiple case studies. If you are suffering from a headache or a migraine, just place the ice pack on your front of neck/ over the carotid artery and you will get the instant relief.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

These are the Top old and Time-tested home remedies- 02

Most of what is being told by your grandma are still effective and we are talking about the same. Let's see further, what are these old and time-tested home remedies.

Cranberry juice is used for hundreds of years for the cure and prevention of Urinary Tract Infections and this is effective today as well. But what just a fruit juice like cranberry can do with your health and issue like the prevention and cure of Urinary tract infection. The logic is that it creates an environment that makes it very difficult for the bacteria to remain stick to the urinary tract and thus make it flushes out. You can get the extra benefit of cranberry juice for the cure of urinary tract infections if you drink it with a plenty of plain water.
In addition, cranberry has the benefit that I will reduce the bladder infection and will help your health care provider for the assistance that is needed in the cure of urinary infection.

A cough is the most common health issue both in adults and children and its severity is more when it hits you at night. The reasons for a cough are multiple but the most common is the irritation of throat that causes it. If a cough is due to irritation of the throat, then honey is the best available solution for it. Go for it, if your cough is caused by other factors yet honey can give you the desired relief. In some data, it has shown that pure honey is even more effective than cough preparations for the cure. 

This is a fragrance that has a cure. The fragrance of lavender has the proven results of balancing the heart rate and blood pressure both have the soothing effects and will make you fall asleep earlier. The fragrance of lavender will also help you to get out most of your sleep by ensuring a deep and meaningful sleep. 
It is also now proven that Lavender has two medicinal ingredients that have the benefit of sedation and pain relief. Additionally, it soothes your heart layer for the sleep, you are wishing for.

Alovera is effective for the cure of second-hand burns and it soothes the burned tissue make them to health earlier. According to the data available Alovera juice contains powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals that have the superb ability to reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling that is associated with burns. 
This is the effective home remedy, however, if the burn is of the third degree, you must consult a Doctor.

Chicken Soups works and this is also the effective home remedy for the cure of cold. Yes, it does it. The reason is that chicken soup contains a considerable amount of Prostaglandins, that have the potency of fighting inflammation and infection. 
In addition, studies have proven that food that is nourishing have the good ability to fight inflammation and chicken soup is in the same category of nourishing foods.

These are the Top old & Time-Tested Home remedies- 01

 Home remedies have its own role in your health and its role cannot be dining, you can prepare it abruptly and within little time and can get a gid advantage of relief.
Today I have collected a series of remedies for you, that is quite old and are yet as effective as it as before.
Let's talk about,

Salt is the most common available item available in the home and is an effective home remedy for a sore throat as well. Just you have to take care of few points, one is that do not overdo it. Secondly, make it mild, add a tablespoon of salt within 08 ounces of water. Thirdly, be sure not to swallow it. If you have a sore throat with irritation and pain, gargling with water can help you a lot.

This is the most widely used home remedy for tummy issues and especially nausea that is associated with morning sickness, chemotherapy and motion sickness. The exact way by which ginger give relief to nausea is yet unclear. The one possible explanation is that ginger blocks the serotonin receptors at gut levels and this brings a calmness to nausea. What is the exact mechanism of how ginger give relief from nausea is yet unclear, however, the fact will remain that ginger is an effective home remedy for nausea and you can take its advantage at the time of need.

Eye bags are among the common health issue, this may be due to stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation or some sorts of allergies. If you put the cold tea bags upon your eye bags, it will reduce the severity of the eye bags and will ultimately recover it if you continue using this remedy. The one possible explanation is that caffeine in the eye bags acts as the vasoconstrictor, that is it contract the dilated veins within the eye bags and give you the relief from eye bags.

 This is also the grandma remedy, if you are constipated take some prunes/ dried plums at night. Better is to take a glass of mildly hot water after the prunes intake and this will give you a good relief from constipation. 
Prunes are among the most enriched form of fibres and one serving have a valued 100 gm of fibres, this makes prunes a valued choice for the constipation relief today as it was yesterday.

First, let's see how to prepare the oatmeal water for bathing, grind rolled oat and add it into the water, be sure that water should not be so much hot. You may alternatively add the ground out into a swimming tub as well.
Keep the water for the more time as you can and you will get a good relief from Eczema, psoriasis and skin redness. This remedy will also get your skin fully moisturised and you will get a natural skin glow as well.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

How you can stop anxiety at work so that it does not Crash your whole day?

 One of the most prominent aspects of anxiety is that I can hit you anywhere. When hits you at your workplace, it is really devastating as by this you will lose your day,s tasks and productivity. This is something that you wish to avoid and the reasons are,

  • You want to avoid the negative aspects of anxiety.
  • You want to save your day for your tasks completion.
Today I will talk to you, how you can handle anxiety at your workplace so that you can save one precious day of your life.
Stress and Anxiety if triggers you at the workplace is more critical as due to this you will be unable to complete your day's tasks and having an undesired end of the day will mean more stress and anxiety. In addition due to work time anxiety, you will be unable to have a professional image and trust by the organisation, that you are serving.
Coming to our topic, now how you can deal with this, here I have tried to collect some workable tips that I am sure will helps you to avoid anxiety at your mid of the day or at the workplace.
The signs of anxiety are something that is very much clear like sweet palms, more heartbeat, a crash of your mental energy by negative thoughts, fears and phobia along with tightness in your chest. But all this is not revealing its cause. 
So, do one thing at your first, identify the cause when you feel such symptoms. It may be when you discuss your performance with your boss, when you are advancing your subordinate or when you are communicating with your coworkers. Make it specific, this will helps you. Now come to the second step.
Once you make it specific about the cause of your anxiety, now think about how you can make some easy and quick solutions. If the anxiety is due to some of your coworkers, then make maximum feasibility to avoid that coworker. You may not do the same with your boss, or your subordinate as you have to communicate with him. But in this case, it has also a solution, makes more written communication as compared to the oral one. By this, you will avoid the emotional aspect of your communication and this will be a great tip for at least reducing the anxiety.
Now, let's talk about, what to do it the anxiety has already hit you and you want to relax so that you have a productive day. this will be
This is simple when you feel anxious, you should take a small break of 10- 15 minutes and make yourself relax by deep breathing, listen to some light music and a lot more ways. Then ask yourself, what are that factors that are making you stressed and anxious. Better to write down it on a paper. Believe me, when you bring your inside anxiety on a piece of paper, it will be of so much seriousness as it was when it was inside you. Secondarily, you will feel that you have a better control over this situation and can cope with it.
This point is also very helpful, if you want to be in better control of your stress and anxiety, you have to opt for some very positive physical habits like having the gathering with your friends at evening, having a morning walk, having a pet and a lot more. You may also opt for some gym simple workouts, Yoga and meditations, this all will helps you to make your thinking little diversified and you will not be thinking about the stress all the time, that is making the situation more stressful.
This is also a very effective way to make your mental strength strong so that I cannot be affected by anxiety so adversely. Resetting the brain is the small breaks with a cup of hot coffee at work, a five-minute gossip with your best coworker. But in presenting your brain, your weekends makes a lot of difference. Having an activity of 3- 5 hours, this activity should be out of routine, will help you a lot in making your brain fresh and stress-free. This may wash your brain from the stress of all the week.
 Thinking about this will give a new meaning to your anxiety and this new meaning will motivate you. Whenever feeling stress at the workplace, think about the value of your job that it has for your family financial freedom. From another aspect, like if you are in a service industry job, then how much customer satisfaction is important for your professional survival. You can think more about as per your work and your external environment.
This is easy and this is great. Share your concerns with your friends, in social or professional spheres or even with your family. This will lessen the burden of your stress and in addition, when your stress will be out of your body, this will make you feel that the challenge is not only with you. All that is surrounding you have same or something like these challenges and they are dealing with it proactively and with fewer worries.