Saturday, 18 August 2018

Commonly believed healthy habits that are not healthy/ 03.

When you want to be healthy and fit, we opt for the habits that help us for the same. However, there are some commonly believed habits that are not healthy. Today we will talk about the additional three habits that are considered healthy bit are actually not. these are,
  • Pregnancy results in a baby brain and may make you aphonic: This is an established fact that pregnancy results in cognitive function and memory impairment in 80% of the women. This is due to the shrinkage of the brain in the later stage of pregnancy. 
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Due to this change, the pituitary gland increases its secretions to counter the effects. The situation is true and clear but the case is that cognitive function impairment is not because of pregnancy but due to the associated life changes that pregnancy carries with itself. These are stress, sleep deprivation, depression of upcoming labour and major schedule shifts. So, the baby brain concept is not true in its actual cause.
  • Running is not good for your knees: Those who opt for exercises other than running advocates the concept the running is not good for your knees and it is causing pain and damage within it. But this is not true. 
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The data available at the Stanford University research has also found that the knees of runners are not less healthy not those who opt for exercise other than running. One additional point for runners is that to keep up there knees strength they should do some strength training as well, in addition to running. This will balance the strength in between there quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • You lose most of your body heat through your head: The phenomenon is behind the habit of wearing a warm hat in winter so as to keep your brain warm. But this is not true. The actual scenario is that you lose your body heat equally from all body parts and the same is true both in summer and winter. 
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    But what about you feel more warmer when you have your head covered? the correct reply is that when the rest of your body is covered the heat will escape more from the exposed parts and the same is true for ha dead as well. If you are fully covered with shorts at your legs, most of your body heat will escape from your legs.

    Thursday, 16 August 2018

    Commonly Believed healthy habits that are not healthy/ 02

    This is a series of information for you, that habits that are commonly considered as healthy are not so. We have already talked about,

    and today will talk about the next three, not healthy habits.
    • Focusing the exercise on a specific body part will not make it slim: This is common misbelief, weight loss is the game of caloric deficit, that is you will consume fewer calories that your body can actually burn on daily basis and the deficit will be fulfilled by the burning of body fat. 
    But this fat loss will be from the whole body, we can not specify it. Following the exercise of any type that target any specific part will burn fat from the body on the even basis and not particularly from that body part.
    • More Gym time is more effective than less time: This is also not true. The key to success is in the formula of balance. You will not be more fit and healthy if you do vigorous exercise on daily basis or working on a very stretched schedule of having long hours in the gym. 
    You must plan for the resting days as well, that will allow your body to relax and your muscles to heal. In addition, keep a balance of multiple types of exercise like cardio of different types and focusing more options of strength training. In addition, you will avoid injuring your body while having a balance gym days and resting days.
    • Yoga is Good, but not more effective for weight loss: This is a fact that yoga is among the most effective tricks for physical and mental health. But, this effectiveness is not for weight loss to a large extent. You know that yoga is the combination of relaxing, empowering and even applying strength but weight loss is something different. 
    If you even consider the most vigorous physical type of Yoga exercise, you will lose 150 calories by a 45-minute session and the same caloric loss can be achieved by a simple physical act of even less time that it. But keep one point in mind that yoga is a great way of reducing the stress levels, which will enable you to avoid accumulating belly fat.

    Wednesday, 15 August 2018

    Commonly believed healthy habits that are not healthy/ 01

     Everyone wants to be healthy and the same is with you as well, this is the common desire of everyone to remain healthy and fit. To be so, everyone is opting for habits that promote good health and fitness. However, there are some habits that are commonly believed healthy but are not healthy in reality. Below are the commonly believed healthy habits, that are not healthy in reality.
  • Crunches are the most vital requirement of building your six packs absSport Exhausting To Clench Teeth Give AllThis is not so. Although crunches are important for your six abs, however, it may damage your backbone. Secondly, it will affect only a portion of belly fats and you may not be able to effectively develop six abs. In addition to crunches what can help for six abs is that you opt for planks with some good cardio regime and do it with consistency. Secondly, you must opt for some effective exercise to build your core as well. If you are opting for crunches, then it is very better to do it on a yoga ball, this will minimise the impacts of crunches upon your backbone.

    • Less than 45 minutes of workout is not worth value
    • :Walk, Path, Walking, Feet, Trail, Shoes This is the most common belief that an exercise especially that of cardio of fewer than 45 minutes will have a minimum or no health impacts. But this is not true. Research has shown that even a move of 10 minutes has its value although not equal to the 45-minute cardio, the impacts of even a small move will be there always with you. 
    • If a women do the weightlifting, she will be bulk and less feSport Fitness Training Sporty Movement Gymminine

    This is the common percept for women who do weightlifting. But the reality is that to be bulk, you are in need of enough testosterone levels as well. The testosterone levels in women are so minimum, that they have to work very very hard to get bulk. The common weight lifting exercise will tone, shape and will lose the fat from the women body. This will be attained by a continuous schedule of the workout schedule that best fits women.

    Tuesday, 14 August 2018

    There are top 09 Healthiest Superfood combinations.

    Nutrition is all about the dynamics in the food groups and variety and you are in need of all the vital nutrients and the best way to get most of your food is to have a combination of food that synergises each other nutritional values.
    In this regard, here are top 09 food combinations that will work best for your health and fitness.
    Grilled Asparagus with Parmesan:
    Asparagus is a great source of the valuable fibre, the Inulin, that promotes gut health, balances the blood pressure levels and keep your tummy size in control. Parmesan, on another side, is a rich source of Calcium which is vital for bone health. Amazingly, the Inulin has the benefit of enabling the body to absorb more Calcium. So, by this combination, you will get the added benefit of excellent Calcium absorption and so its due benefits as well.
    Avocado and Salsa:
    These wealthy are the healthy food options, but something amazingly good happens when you eat them in combination. That is you will get four times more the lycopene, the cancer-fighting nutrients and three times more, the most potent antioxidant the BetaCaroteine.
    Cantaloupe with Yogurt:
    The Vitamin A in Cantaloupe is an among the most potent antioxidant, however, in combination with yoghurt, that contains Zinc, It helps the body to utilize the 100% of Vitamin A for its benefits.
    Cereal with a Glass of Orange Juice:
    Cereal is fortified with Iron which is good energy enhancing nutrient when you combine it with Orange Juice, it will improve the absorption of Iron six fold.
    Dark Chocolate with raspberries:
    These both have the antioxidant benefits for your body, but in combination, the raspberry will enhance the antioxidant potency of Chocolate.
    Soup of Edamame and Miso:
    Edamame is the good source of prebiotics that improves the gut health and helps in fighting infections of your gut. Its combination with Miso will give you amazingly good benefits of gut health.
    Spinach and Avocado:
    Spinach is, loaded with the healthiest nutrients to eye these are Vitamin A and Leutin. When you combine it with Avocado, you will not only get the mentioned nutrients for your eyes from avocados as well but will get the healthy fats as well, which acts a medium of absorption for Spinach and Avocado.
    Green tea with lemon:
    When you squeeze a lemon within a cup of Green tea, it will help in creating five times for catechin, the active nutrient for enhancing immunity and helps in weight loss.
    A Glass of Milk with a Teaspoon of Peanut Butter:
    These two are me the healthiest food option, but in combination, it will let your body to absorb more Vitamin D.

    Monday, 13 August 2018

    21 Most Crazy facts about the human body.

     You are living within your body and thy there are some facts about your body that you may not know. Here are top 21 crazy facts about your body that you will be amazed to know about.

    • The saliva that is produced within your mouth in enough that it can fill up two swimming pools within your lifetime.
    • Majority of the babies are born with blue eyes, that is the exposure of their bodies to ultraviolet rays and the melanin, that later one brings back the actual colour of their eyes.
    • You will be surprised that everyone on this earth has his own unique smell.
    • Your brain is the most expensive organ within your body to maintain and perform. It consumes about 20% of your body oxygen and the same proportion of caloric intake.
    • You will only feel the taste of those food items that your saliva can dissolve it.
    • Your body bones are so strong that even a match size bone can support an eight-tone of weight without any breakage.
    • In the next 60 seconds, your specific body cell will cover the round of your whole body.
    • You are basically a visual creature, 90% of the information you receive is through your eyes.
    • A healthy young man produces 10 Million sperm cells in a single day.
    • Your body skin is the largest body organ within your body. If you can stretch it with its full capacity, it can cover an area of up to 20 square feet.
    • Your stomach acid is so strong in its action, that it can even dissolve cell. But then why it is not damaging your gut is because of two reasons, one the mucus that surrounds the walls of the gut from the inside and the rapid regrowth of the inner gut cells.
    • If you are an average human body with enough health, you will shed about 40 lbs/ 18 kg of skin within your lifetime.
    • Your one kidney have around one Million filters, that filter 1.3 litres of blood every minute and pushes out 1.5 litres of urine on daily basis.
    • An average person of West consumes 50 Tons of food within his lifetime.
    • Your body heat of 30 minutes is of equal intensity to boil half a gallon of water.
    • When your bladder is full of urine, it gets noticeably bigger in size that even a good observer can see it as well.
    • A female ovary has around half a million eggs, each has the capacity to produce a new baby.
    • The total capillaries within your lungs are 300 Million and if they are stretched end to end they can cover a distance of 1500 Miles.
    • Amazingly, you can tickle yourself as well.
    • Your feet have half a million sweat glands and each one of them produces a pint of sweet on a daily basis.
    • By the time, you go to bed at night your body is 3 cm shorter than it was in morning.

    Monday, 16 July 2018

    These are the Top five natural ways to raise your testosterone.

     One in four men above the age of 30 have low testosterone levels and it affects their lifestyle, physical and social health. The most common issue of men with low testosterone levels are erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, weight gain, heart issues, osteoporosis and bone fractures. 

    But the good news is that there are multiple natural ways by which you can enhance your testosterone levels naturally and below are the top five among them.

    • Do more Compund Lifts: Lifting heavy is among the most effective non-medicinal way for the raise in your testosterone levels. The best options of compund lifts are the compund lifts that use your larger body muscles or even yoru whole body durning this exercise. if you are opting for this for a boost in your testosterone levels, think about the squats, deadlifts, snatches and cleans. The logic behind the effectiveness of strength training in improving testosterone levels is that your more muscle moves free the testosterone for your body use.
    • Eat more Fat and Cholesterol: These two are not bad for your health rather it is just its high amount that makes it harmful for your body. Cholesterol is the natural steroid and you will be surprised to listen that your brain is also filled with cholesterol. However, you have to consume an optimum amount of the fat and cholesterol to maximise its benefits and avoid its side effects. The good options to have optimum of fat and cholesterol is to have bacon and eggs at your breakfast and nuts and avocados are good for a healthy intake of fat.
    • Take the right Vitamin: Vitamins have a very vital role in your health and fitness and same is for the optimum level of Testosterone as well. The vitamins that are more important for your optimum levels are Zinc, Vitamin D and Magnesium. Having a multivitamin which has the optimum amount of the mentioned Vitamins is the good solution for overcoming the Vitamins issues of testosterone deficiency.
    • Take Proper Sleep: Sleep is very vital for optimising your testosterone levels. Sleep reduces the levels of Cortisol, Stress hormone, in your body. When your body has more stress hormone levels within your body, it will not let your testosterone to act properly. having a proper sleep lowers this testosterone inhibiting stress hormone. Six hour of sleep is the minimum level of sleep that you are in need on daily basis, seven hours is good and eight hours of sleep is absolutely ideal.
    • Skip Sugars: Sugars are linked with your weight and fat gain and you will not be able to have a ideal body weight and body muscles without skipping your sugar intake. More body muscles and having a lean body will also raise your Testosterone levels as well.

    Sunday, 15 July 2018

    Eat this most common spice and boost your testosterone levels naturally.

     Giner is the superb herb and has multiple health and fitness benefits and one of the major benefit that you will get while taking Ginger is that it boosts your testosterone levels. Its major ingredients are Gingerol, that has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. 
    How Giner boost Testosterone levels: The known mode of action of Ginger to boost testosterone levels is that it boost the production of Nitric Oxide and improve blood supply to Testicles. The boosted levels of blood and Nitric Oxide within blood signals brain to boost the testosterone levels within your body. 
    A human study that is available on the improvement of testosterone levels by the Ginger has shown the following results.

    • Sperm Count of infertile men is improved by 16%.
    • Sperm motility in infertile men is improved by 47.3%.
    • There is a significant improvement in sperm morphology and viability.
    • There is a significant increase in ejaculate volume.
    • The additional increase in FSH and LH volume.
    The above conclusions are derived from the studies conducted on 75 men, who were married two years back and has no children. The men were treated by Ginger supplementation for three months.

    How to take Ginger: There are multiple ways by which you can ensure the proper intake of Ginger.
    • Simple and most effective one is to take Ginger in supplement form.
    • You can include Ginger in your diet as well.
    • You can add it in your Juices as well.
    • You can prepare Ginger tea as well by simply boiling Ginger root into the water.
    • You can Grate Ginger into food.

    Tuesday, 19 June 2018

    Taking two tablespoons of this natural oil will give you amazing weight loss results.

    You want to lose your extra pounds and are putting efforts of dieting and exercise for it, but the results are taking time and the destination is yet far away. To speed up the process of your body transformation, today i am mentioning a very simple and effective home remedy that will speeds up your weight loss and you will see the amazing effects in just a few days.

    What You are in need

    •  Nothing more, just two Tablespoons of good Virgin, Colled pressed Coconut Oil.

    How to use

    • You have to take one tablespoon of this during, before or after your major meals, twice daily. You will enjoy taking it and it will also give amazing results for your weight loss and belly fat loss.
    How Coconut Oil helps in weight loss
    • It is made of medium chain triglyceride, which is basically fatty acids as in another form of fat, but the difference is that they are metabolized differently than other fat. in this way, it boosts your metabolism. Your body metabolism is directly related to the calories that you will lose on daily basis and a boost in this process simply means that you will lose more calories and hence body stored fat. 
    • At an average, if you take two tablespoons of Coconut oil, you will be able to lose 120 more calories per day.
    • The second benefits that you will get by Coconut oil for your natural weight loss are that it will reduce your appetite. So, you will start eating less in a natural way and you will start to lose your weight.
    • The most vital advantage of Coconut oil for weight loss is that you will get a reduction in your stored belly fat as well, which is the major cause of multiple health and fitness issues.

    Saturday, 16 June 2018

    Take this most commonly available pill for your Testosterone Boost.

    Today i am going to tell you about how this most commonly available pill can boost your testosterone level and this will make a difference in your manhood, strength, and vitality.
    Although the use of the multivitamin is debatable and experts have multiple opinions that either it will help in boosting your health and fitness levels or not. But the use of these two Vitamins, Combine in one pill will give your amazing results.

    Take a multivitamin that contains Zinc and Vitamin B complex, there are enough and agreed on scientific evidence that these two Vitamins have amazing results for the boost in your testosterone levels and will give you amazing results. 
    Now, let's see how Zinc and Vitamin B complex will give you a good shot in your testosterone levels.

    • Zinc: This is the most essential Mineral for the boost in your testosterone levels and plays a very critical role in the production of Testosterone. There are confirmed shreds of evidence that even mild to moderate deficiency of Zinc have the impacts that the individual will have suppressed levels of Testosterone and overcoming the deficiency will overcome the issue. There is a worth notable study of the Wayne state university that shows that when the men are exposed to six months of regular Zinc supplementation, it has double there serum level Testosterone concentration. The study also concluded that Zinc plays a very important role in modulating the serum levels of Testosterone in men.
    • Vitamin B complex: This is the group of eight water-soluble vitamins and plays a very important role in the production of Testosterone. In particular, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 have a very crucial role in the production of a natural testosterone process, they boost their levels and plays a very important role in its production process. In addition, Vitamin B complex vitamins have multiple additional health benefits as well that will naturally boost the testosterone levels within men, these important roles are fighting depression, fatigue, helps in reducing the stress and is very important for keeping the Cholesterol levels healthy, keep ups your brain health and helps in prevention of heart diseases.
    • Some of the studies suggest the addition of Vitamin D as well along with Zinc and Vitamin B complex to boost your testosterone levels, while other data confirms that Vitamin A, C & E is vital for the optimum levels of Testosterone.
    However, most the data goes in favor of Zinc and Vitamin B complex for the desired boost in your testosterone.
    Zinc and Vitamin B complex are easily available in the form of Pills around the globe and taking one pill of the same will show remarkable results for testosterone levels increase and its maintenance.

    Thursday, 14 June 2018

    This is the most simple and easy way to boost your Testosterone.

     If you are suffering from the deficiency of testosterone and want to boost its levels within your body. Here is the most simple way of doing it. 
    Just make expose yourself to the sunlight and this will helps a lot in boosting your testosterone levels. Yes, this is right.

    Vitamin D is becoming the world,s most popular Vitamin and this is due to the amazing health and fitness benefits that are associated with Vitamin D., In the same way, it has very positive results for boosting the testosterone levels as well.
    The importance of this Vitamin can be cleared that nearly half of the population in almost all major countries of the Globe is deficient in Vitamin D and the majority remaining half have also the suboptimal levels of this very essential Vitamin.

    • A study that was conducted for 12 months, in which the individuals were given 3000 IU of Vitamin D on daily basis and the results have shown a remarkable shoot, 25 %, in their testosterone levels.
    • Even the same benefits of Vitamin D can be obtained in elderly and it will additionally reduce the chances of bone fractures.
    • The benefit of Vitamin D is even more in those individuals who have lower levels of this vitamin in their blood.

     To optimize your testosterone levels expose yourself to sunlight for sufficient time or take 3000 IU of Vitamin D in Pills form on daily basis.