Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The most impressive thing about this 09 Month Pregnant Mom.

 Anna Strode is from Melbourne is a lifestyle Instagrammer and health enthusiast. This week. she gains the attention of Social Media for his regular Workouts thoroughly in her pregnancy and able for the Perfect squats, lining Up her toes with knees.

During her pregnancy, she conducted regular exercises and never missed a beat. Anna Strode is the mother of Twin boys from her first pregnancy, she feels exhausted and stressed while taking care of her family and decided to follow the regular workouts scheduled to remain fit and healthy. The same, she follows at her second pregnancy as well.
As per the Words of Anna Stone, her motivation for the workouts is,
After Six weeks of first delivery of the two twin sons, I opted for a workout and by this, I felt better and lighter. This single workout makes be able to be active and fresh the day around and I decided that I will follow the schedule throughout my life. The same I follow in my second pregnancy. I have continuously done my 20 to 30 minutes workout in my all stages of nine-month pregnancy to get the aimed benefits. 
How she managed to time
Anna strode finds the time for her workouts while her twins are busy in playing or in taking food. As a second option to beat the time limitations, Anna Strode keep herself busy in family activities to fulfill the need of the body move. 
At the end of his second pregnancy period, Anna Srode agains starts the workouts for his fitness and health. What an amazing woman.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Top Three Perfect Protein Sources for Weight loss.

 Weight loss is in need of the perfect protein sources in addition to diet and exercise plan. Protein builds your muscles and keeps your metabolism boosted, by which you burn more calories even in resting body conditions and it also keeps you fuller for a longer time. 
Here are the top three perfect protein sources that can help you amazingly for your weight loss and fitness aims.
 This is actually a sea weed and is the most perfect protein source for your weight loss and fitness. One tablespoon of spirulina has the amazing quantity of four gms of protein. It helps magically in body detoxification and gives you all the benefits of a perfect protein diet.
Egg Whites
This is the most convenient protein for you to get and you can lose a lot of weight easily and build your muscles if you eat just the white of an egg. The usage is easy, just make a white egg omelet or make an egg white shake and take it at your breakfast, for your healthy and natural weight loss.
Turkey Breast
This in roasted form, is the best source of lean protein and can keep you fuller for the longest time and will also keep your metabolism boosted. Amazingly, turkey breast will also help you in managing stress as well.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The single trick that enables Jovana to lose 139 Lbs of body fat?

 Although Jovana was overweight still she feels confident in his body and looks. The only issue that she was feeling with his body weight that it is holding her back and are causing multiple health and fitness issues. 
Jovana told in an interview that, " I always love myself and have positive feelings about myself and look. The only issue was that I was feeling restricted in what I want to enjoy due to my body weight. Due to these feelings, I was feeling very lethargic, stressed and depressed."
The Past:
Jovana was heavy growing up and at the age of 12, he was weighing 150 Lbs. At the age of 22, she was affected by fatty liver disease due to the high-fat proportion within her body and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
The Single Trick that Works well
Jovana has passed two years without stepping on the weight scale. She saw an old photo of herself and decided to find her own weight. She was expecting a total body weight of around 150 lbs, but for her surprise that her weight at scale was 304 lbs. Taking the 304 lbs as very serious, Jovana stepped down with a commitment to weight loss and fitness efforts with consistency.

How she lost weight
Jovana chalked out a very comprehensive strategy for her body fat loss and cut down the starchy carbs, refined and processed food, sugar and packed foods. She also starts exercising at Gym four to five times a week to turn back her fitness and lean body.  In the first month, she was able to lose 20 lbs.
Now, after one and a half year, she was able to lose 150 lbs with a weight of 165 lbs at this point. 
Jovana further added that it is also equally important to pay attentions to the now- scale accomplishment like how your clothes fit, how you feel, how much you are enjoying your life without anybody restrictions and how happy you are. although she was happy at 304 lbs as well, have after weight loss, has found a new level of Joy.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The 600 lb- Life of Amber and how she lost 420 Pounds.

The story is the real inspiration for those who wish to lose weight and remain fit. The real story is of Amber Rachdi, weighs 657 Pounds and as per the Amber comments, " I look like nasty, Yucky Monster."

  • The major cause of weight gain for Amber was her anxiety that makes her overeat and she gains pounds of weights with the passage of time.

At the weight of 657 Ponds, she was unable to stand continuously for 30 minutes and this was the turning point that she decided for tire fitness and weight loss. 
  • Her Fans see him that she first lose just 20 pounds after which she opted for the Gastric bypass surgery. 

The Amber Fast life: When she was five years old she weight,s was160 pounds. She admits that she has the eating disorders and was unable to stop the excessive eating habits. 
After the successful surgery, she was broken with her boyfriend and is now able to drive a car as well, live independently and is now more social and interactive in the society she lives in.
She has also in continuous touch with his coach to help her maintain the control over anxiety and anger. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Your face is telling you something about your inner health, listen to it.

 Your face is giving you some very basic and vital clues about your health, so, look at your face for it and find the clues. Here are these,

  • Yellow on your skin and eyes: The yellow color is the most common form of Jaundice and is a harmless condition in children and most of the adults. Talk to your Doctor, its cure is easy and cheap. However, if you have some severe weakness or other body related physical condition, better to talk to your doctor.
  • Moles: These are spots or bumps and for the majority of them, you need no worry about it. Its analysis is the simplest one, Follow the ABCDE rule, if any of them is in Yes, talk to your Doctor. The ABCDE rule is, Asymmetrical, if its shape is different on the same side/ body part. Border, if it is jagged, Colour, if it is uneven, Diameter, if it is larger than a pea size, Evolving, if it is changing its form. 
  • Stores, the sores on your lips is indicating to you the Herpes, Virus infection and is also the indication if you are overtired, Sick or anxious. They usually go away with the passage of few days, however, if you are experiencing some very frequent breakthrough of the scores, better to talk to your Doctor.
  • Cracked lips: The most common sign that you will face at the winter season. In addition, if you are faced with the cracked lips, it is a possible reason for the dehydration, allergic reaction to a drug or other allergen.
  • Butterfly rash: The majority of rashes are not serious and it covers the both sides of face in form of a butterfly. This butterfly rash is the most common form of Lupus, A condition in which your body immune system turn against your own body cells and tissues. You may experience hay fever, rash and itching with it and your fingers may turn blue in cold.
  • Hair at the unusual places: This can happen to you both as men and women. Men usually develop extra hairs on their ears and eyebrows. The women will face the issue of extra hair on their chin and around their jaw. In women, this is the indication of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a body condition that makes it difficult for women to get pregnant.
  • Dropped Eyelids: This condition is called by Doctors as Ptosis or Blepharoptosis, In this condition, the eyelids get dropped and can effect your one eye or both of them. Commonly, it is a harmless indication and indicates some issue of affected brain, eye or eye sockets. In the more serious condition, you may have double vision, weak muscles, and difficulty in swallowing food, it may indicate the possibility of getting the stroke.
  • Can not move one side of your face: If the symptoms are just that you cannot move some parts of your face, this is the obvious sign that you have Bell,s Palsy, a condition that some face muscle get swollen and you may experience pain in jaw and areas behind your Jaws.
  • Melasma: This is the typical sign of taking birth control pills and id you as women, is in a condition of pregnancy. It is indicated by the brown patches on your face skin and is among the major beauty challenge of women of today.

These are the top 09 best and worst foods for your Liver.

 The liver is the major and vital organ of your body and properly detoxify and cleanse your body out of toxins and poisonous substances.
 Here is the top 09 best and worst food for your liver. This list will help you to opt for the liver friendly foods and avoid the one that has ill effects on your liver.
 Here is the list for you,
  • Oatmeal: This is among the top best food that gives health to your liver. In generalized form, every food with high fiber content can help you for this. Oatmeal is best when eaten at breakfast, as it keeps you fuller for the longer duration of time and you feel fewer food cravings and easily balance the caloric intake and consumption of your body. By this way, it helps you in lowering the fat contents of your body as well.
  • Fatty foods: When it comes to the food that is worse for your liver, fatty food like burgers and french fries are on the top. Eating food that is high in saturated fats make it harder for your liver to work properly. Very regular eating of fatty foods may result in the swelling and redness of your liver as well.
  • Broccoli: Every vegetable that you eat with a Crunch, is healthy for your liver and broccoli is on the top of the list. You can enjoy raw and cooked broccoli in a variety of ways and will get a healthy liver.
  • Coffee: If you take two to three Cups of coffee a day it will help you in keeping your liver healthy. It will help in balancing the Alcohol effects upon your liver. Some data also suggest that it will help in the prevention of Liver cancer as well.
  • Too much sugar: In the simplest form, what your liver does in your body is that it covers the extra sugar into fat. If you overload your liver with this, it will be effected in an ill way. So, avoid the extra sugar intake to keep your liver healthy.
  • Green Tea: Natural teas have the amazing benefits of keeping your liver healthy and green tea is on the top of the list. The healthy effects of green tea on your liver is due to the presence of Catechin, a strong and potent anti- oxidant that prevents the free radicals damage to your liver.
  • Water: This is simplest and most natural solutions for enhancing your liver health. Get into the habit of drinking fresh water frequently, and better to replace your beverages and soft drinks by water for getting a healthier liver.
  • Almonds: This is among the heart friendly food as well in addition to the liver friendly. The good effects are majorly due to the presence of Vitamin E, that protects you against the fatty liver disease.
  • Salt: Hold the cap of your salt container firmly tight as too much Sodium can cause liver fibrosis, which is the first stage of liver scarring.

Monday, 10 July 2017

How Women can prevent the top health issues of today?

 As per the census of the Center for Control and Disease Prevention, women of today are facing top four health challenges of Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and Stroke. Women should take the due care and should take the proper preventive measures for the prevention of the above mentioned four major health issues.
Proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modifications are the ultimate solution for the prevention of above-mentioned diseases. Let's take a look at the same,
How women can take care of their heart
 The best way for the prevention of heart disease in women is to keep and maintain your blood pressure, quit smoking and manage your blood lipid levels. The major source of enhancing the bad cholesterol levels in your blood are the saturated fats. Your body is getting situated fats from two major sources, i- e Animal fats and fats of the processed food. How much of your daily calories can come from saturated fats in the way that not affect your heart in a bad way? The American Heart Association recommends that it should be not more than 7% of your daily caloric intake, while in a case of transfat the caloric count that you can get safely is less 1%.
 The best option is to replace your saturated fat and trans fat by the polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. The good options of fats are Avocadoes, Olive Oil, Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and fish. The Flavonoids in the tea, cocoa and dark chocolates are also the good sources of heart-protecting ingredients.
How to decrease your risk of getting Cancer
The basic that you should opt for the Cancer protection are the Quitting smoke, limiting Alcohol intake, managing the weight in a healthy way and to take food that is rich in Antioxidants. Antioxidants give you the most valuable activity of the body protection from Cancer, that is, it protects your cellular damage by the free radicals. 
Foods that are high in Antioxidants are the Carrots, Green leafy Vegetables, Berries, Citrus fruits, green tea, Apples, and Pears.
Related info,

How to Prevent Diabetes
 Diabetes is the major culprit behind your kidney, Nervous and eye complications and it is among the most occurring diseases in the US. Around 12 Million women above the age of 20 are affected by diabetes and additional 27 Million women are at the prediabetes stage. Among the two categories of factors for diabetes protection, one is controllable and second is uncontrollable. Among the factors that you cannot control are your genetics, body makeup for weight and fat and your ethnicity.
Among the factors that you can control are the simple lifestyle changes like,

  • Manage your weight: by reducing your weight you simply reduce the chances of getting diabetes. The American Diabetic Association recommends that can reduce your chances of getting diabetes by 50% if you reduce just 7% of your extra body weight. 
  • Moderate exercise of 30 minutes, five days a week, will reduce your chance of getting diabetes.
  • Taking adequate fibers of 25- 30 Gm a day will reduce your chance of getting diabetes.
  • Avoiding processed food and added sugar will help you in avoiding diabetes.
How to reduce your chance of getting Stroke
Managing for your healthy blood pressure is the key to reducing the chances of stroke. As blood pressure naturally rises with age, it is vital for you that as you getting older take food that is low in Sodium and high in potassium. Avoiding the processed food is also the key for the stroke prevention.


Friday, 16 June 2017

09 healthy foods that lower cholesterol naturally?

Here is the description of nine foods that lowers cholesterol naturally and give you a healthy heart. To lower cholesterol, in addition, you are in need to make some positive lifestyle changes and diet alteration to make the cholesterol levels at a lower side. As far as the diet are concerned to lower your cholesterol levels go for the whole grains, Fresh veggies, and fruits, nuts seeds, and legumes. In addition, you are in need to eat meal less, avoid junk and packed foods and food with added sugars. 
Now, find the healthy nine foods that will lower your cholesterol naturally.

  • Oats:
    Due to the presence of soluble fiber, beta-glucan, it has the ability to lower your cholesterol in aa natural way. In addition, it keeps you fuller for a longer duration of time and so you avoid the extra calories intake. Oats is a healthy option for protein intake along with an addition of Vitamins and Minerals. You can lower your cholesterol up to 20 % by the regular intake of oatmeal.
  • Walnuts:
    It will reduce your cholesterol levels by 15 % and the reason behind is the presence of healthy mono- unsaturated fats and omega- 3 fatty acids. It also helps in the blood vessels wellness and reduces the body inflammation. Walnuts is a healthy source of Minerals, Vitamin- B complex and healthy minerals.
  • Dry Beans:
    Kidney beans, navy beans, and black beans are the food sources by which you can lower the levels of Cholesterol. Beans are also a good source of Vitamin B complex and nutrients.
  • Olive oil:
    It is the best source of mono- unsaturated fatty acid and reduces inflammation in addition to lowering the sterol levels. You can add it easily into your diet by the addition of it to Salad dressing and add it to veggies.
  • Almonds:
    It is the best source of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and offers you the benefits of Zinc and Vitamin- B complex as well. It is a great snack as well and its regular use reduces your cholesterol levels up to 20%.
  • Soy foods:
    It has an ability to reduce your cholesterol levels by 5 % and offers you the healthy benefits of Omega- 3 fatty acids along with Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Orange Juice:
    It is a refreshing breakfast drink and lowers your cholesterol levels. Orange juice is a good source of Vitamin C along with potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin- B complex. 
  • Avocado:
    It is the good source of omega- 3 fatty acids and is the best source of plant-based sterols. Its regular use will lower the HDL levels you are searching for.
  • Salmon:
    it is best for lowering the LDL levels when you replace your regular meat consumption by the Salmon or Tuna. In addition, its a good source of Protein and valued minerals as well.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

What are Gall Bladder stones and how it should be Cured?

 Before we talk about the Gallbladder stones and its cure options, let's first see what is Gallbladder.
It is a small pouch-like structure lies beneath the liver and its main function is to store and secrete bile secretion, which has a very vital role in the digestion process. It secretes bile when the body needs it for the digestion of fat in the food.
What are Gallbladder Stones:
These are the small stones of Cholesterol and are formed in the Gallbladder. They usually do not cause any symptoms. However, if it gets stored in the bile duct in the Gallbladder it results in the sudden pain in the admonish area.
What is Biliary Colic:
The pain is called as Biliary Colic and it last from one to five hours. In medical terms, it results in a condition called as Gall bladder infection or the Cholestasis. It may cause consistent pain, Jaundice, and a very high temperature.
What is the cure for Gallbladder Stones: In the rare case the stone can move to the pancreas and cause the inflammation and pain in it, a condition is known as acute pancreatic inflammation, which is normally associated with severe pain.
How Doctors Treat Gallstones: Gallstones are treated by Doctors by a surgical procedure called as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. The procedure rarely produces any complications and if it is removed from your body, your liver will still produce enough bile for the digestion of fat.
Why Gallstones Develop in the body: below are the major causes that your body have to develop the Gallstones.

  • If you are overweight then the cholesterol levels in your body will be at the higher level and you are more prone to develop the Gallbladder stones.
  • Women are three times more probe for the Gallstone development than men.
  • If you are at the age of 40 or above, your body is more prone to develop the Gallbladder.
  • Women with multiple pregnancies are more prone to develop the Gallbladder stones.
How you can be affected by the Gallstones: This is a common health issue and if you look at the UK population, it will be revealed that one in 10 individuals are affected by it. Howver in the majority of the population that is affected by the Gallbladder it does not shows any symptoms. In very 50 cases of Gallstones, one is showing the symptoms that should be treated with the immediate urgency.

Complications associated with the Gallstones: Here are the two major but rare complications associated with the Gallstones,
  1. Gallbladder Cancer.
  2. The bowel may be obstructed and this condition is called as Gallstone ileus.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Top 07 health risks of taking the Birth control Pills.

The women on birth control pills around the globe are around 1. 5 Billion, they have some associated health risks as well. So, it's important to know them well so that any risks to living can be prevented. Let's see the same.

  • Disturbed Menstruation:
    Women who use the birth control pills faces the disturbed menstruation, it may be in the form of no periods, disturbed periods or spotting the whole month. It will take two to six months for the periods to get normal when you stops this form of menstruation. While you have to use the birth control pills then its is important for you to consult your gynecologist for the disturbed menstruation.
  • Cancer issues:
    Birth control pills can result in the serious health conditions like breast, cervical and liver cancer. If you as women have a family history of cancer then your chances of getting cancer can be increased by 11%. It is better to consult your Doctor for this issue and share with them your family history of cancer. If you feel any initial symptoms of cancer, immediately report it to your Oncologist, so that it can be screened for the proper diagnosis and treatment if applicable.
  • Mood Swings:
    As birth control pills can disturb the normal hormonal secretions and status, as a result, it can lead to mood swings, irritability, stress, sleep disturbance, sweating, and restlessness. 
  • Cardiac Health issues:
    If you are using the birth control pills then your chances of getting high blood cholesterol and blood pressure elevation are more. The reason is that these pills can form a plaque in the blood arteries. If this is the risk then opt for any other birth control options like Condoms.
  • Low sex drives in women:
    The hormonal disturbance can lower the women sex drive particularly if you are using them for the longer period of time. The reason is that it lowers the drive toward the male sex hormone, prevents the ovaries to release the egg, thicken your cervical mucus and also stops entering the sperm into the right spot of the vagina. 
  • Weight gain or weight loss:
    Due to the irritability caused by the birth control pills, your appetite can be disturbed and so there will be an unusual weight gain or weight loss. The weight effects become more prominent when you stops taking the pills of birth control. 
  • Other health issues: Women on the birth control pills may experience a heaviness at their breasts, hair structure change, headache in the morning, acne, bacterial vaginitis, and acne.