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Why women of today feel tired, find reasons and solutions

The fatigue is a common symptom for the women of  today, resulting in the disability and mood disorders of women.  A desire to rest, due to lack of energy and strength, you will feel, when will be tired. Now, get to know, why women feel tired.

  • Overwork: One of the major reason of fatigue is overwork and lack of sleep. According to latest research, one third of us are not getting enough sleep. How much sleep are you in need, depends on your age. If you are a teenager, you need nine hour sleep, as mature women you need six to eight hours sleep. General guideline for sleep is, the more you get older the less you will be in need of. The 5 hours to 10 hours are the limitations per day for a sound sleep for you to be active and fatigue free.
Now, what if you are taking enough sleep and still feeling fatigued. let see it further, for the other reasons.

  • Eating too little: taking little food or consuming non-nutritious food is the second major cause of fatigue. In food, your breakfast is of crucial importance. That is, your breakfast that will decide about your activeness of the day. Take protein or complex carbohydrates in your breakfast, with eggs and wholesome toast, will help you to cope with your fatigue. Don, t use doughnuts in your breakfast, it will shoot your sugar levels and your activities will be impacted.
Having enough to eat is not sufficient to be fatigue free, there are some of your body conditions, that make you feel fatigued. Like,
  • Anemia: It is among the top causes of fatigue, when it comes to your body inner conditions. Anemia happens when there are not enough red blood cells, to carry oxygen to different parts of the body.  A professional blood test will tell you about your status of this condition. As per the findings, Anemia is common in one among twenty men and its prevalence is more, in women. Women due to post menopausal conditions and periods, particularly heavy one, will suffer from anemia. What you need to cope with your enemy, is to consume iron rich foods like lean meat, shellfish, iron fortified cereals or taking iron supplements.
Don, t blame only anemia, one other serious body condition, that is, the third cause of fatigue, 
  • Under-active thyroid: Thyroid gland regulates metabolism in your body, metabolism fuels your body for your daily activities. If the thyroid is not in full action, you will face with the lack of energy and will feel fatigued. If you are faced with it, a professional therapy by the health care provider by synthetic hormones can solve your this challenge.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: If you are feeling fatigued from more than six months, a probability is that you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A major symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is the unexplained and continuous fatigue. Starting minor exercise and having a better sleep will help you to cope with this.
  • Sleep apnoea: This condition stops your breathing in sleep many times, each interruption breaks you sleep for a while, maybe you are unaware of it. So, think it. Alcohol and smoking make it worse. What you can do, for this condition is to, start reducing your weight, lessen or quite alcohol intake and smoking.
  • Urinary Tract infection: During urinary tract infection, pain during urination is the most common symptom, you will know that you are a sufferer. But in some cases, there is no pain and the only symptom is the continuous fatigue. You can be further sure of it, if you urinate more frequently than normal. if this is the condition, take a checkup form your doctor. If your UTI is treated, your fatigue will disappear by itself.
  • Food intolerance: If you feel sleepy, by intake of certain food, you may have an intolerance to certain foods and the reason of your fatigue is this intolerance of food. Have a deep look at it. 
  • Diabetes: In diabetes the sugar is not stored in the body, rather it runs in the  blood. So, if you have taken your diet, you may suffer from lack of energy.
  • Heart diseases: if go upstairs and you feel fatigue, in routine, it may be an initial sign that your heart in not in full form. Seek a medical advice. 
Have you found the answer of your feeling fatigued, NOT, let's see, two other important and common causes. 
  • Depression: You kindly note it, depression has both emotional and physical impacts, among the physical impacts, tiredness is the most common. Headaches and loss of appetite are the others, this worsens the first, fatigue. Secondly, a constant and uncontrollable feeling of anxiety may exist, called as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, is also the cause of fatigue. If your feeling of tiredness with anxiety persists for more than two weeks, consult your doctor.
  • Glandular fever: A common viral infections in which the sufferer has symptoms of fatigue with fever, swollen throat and sore throat. Teenagers are more prone to Glandular fever.
Finally, remember that fatigue is not a disease, but a symptom. You need to be diagnosed it accurately so that a to give a specific and effective solution to your fatigue.

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