Monday, 14 July 2014

09 easy to follow tips for teenagers, to improve their performance at the school

You can enhance School performance by following the easy to follow tips, you can take upper grades, for this you have to take some positive changes in your routine. Here are some effective tips, that can help you.
  • Be your coach: You know yourself very well, your strengths, weaknesses and improvements needed. You also know, the method, by which you learn better and faster. Fully capitalize upon your strengths and work continuously to overcome your weaknesses. But most importantly, you have to get the command upon your mind and physical engagements, and have to focus upon your assignment at hand. The time you have fixed for your academic activities, should be utilized in the same. You need to be very regular upon your predicted schedules.
  • Quantify your daily work and evaluate it: Give daily based objectives to yourself, quantify it wisely and evaluate your self agents that objective at the end of the day. Most important for you as a student, take ownership, manage what you need for your objective achievements. You should remember it, how you will be able to achieve your semester wise objectives, if unable to achieve the daily based. 
  • Openly ask for help: for the help you need, ask openly, to all those, who can help you. Your colleagues, parents, teachers and any web based guidance site. Remember, it, unless you don, t ask openly for something, no one will realize you need.
Now, when we have talked about the controls, let's revise some simple tips, which will help you to improve your school performance.

  • Write it down, write every assignment: What you are planning to do, write it down in your planner. The best way is to have a planner, in other case  you can use, any to-do list on your mobile or laptop.
  • Establish a strong homework routine: I left my homework at home, avoid it, have to make a checklist, paste it at any spot of the room, which you can see. Follow it and don, t ignore it. You can use a specific folder on your computer, for the work you have already done. Secondly, don, t delay your home work. When you come to the home from your school, do it at your first convenience, and then get involved in any of your favorite activity. Thirdly, bring your homework to school, get it checked by your teacher and have time to share with your classmates, what you have done. Have a look at the other students, as well as homework. This will help you to compare yours one with them, so that you can evaluate where you are?
  • Talk to your teacher and establish a good relationship with him: talk openly to your teacher, if you are unable to understand, what teacher have taught in the classroom. Follow the steps of questioning, first narrate what you have understood, come to the point unclear to you, narrate what is your understanding of the unclear point, and then ask questions of what more? 
  • Organize your work: use highlighters for the assignment status. Use red one for, due time, passed not completed, yellow for those who are on time schedule and in processes of completing. Use green highlighter for the task completed. This will develop a good organizing habit within you and you will be surprised about the results.
  • Establish at home based office: Establish a study zone at your home. Keep it organized, clean and mannered. It will help you to have a specific mindset, when you will be in this zone and will help you to maintain your concentration at studies.
  • Plan ahead for your tests: Look ahead. Plan your contents, materials or anything that can disturb your tasks at the neck of the hour. Prepare your all requirements ahead, plan for any distracting factor like severe cold, a specific format, anything, that can be used in your preparation in the test.
  • Play to your strengths; Different students respond differently, to the media you are aligned with and use it for your preparation, Some students respond good to the hearing media, some to the visual one and some by doing hands on projects. Capitalize more upon the media, you are most aligned with. 
  • Take fabulous notes and make your classroom time wothworthy: Ensure your mental presence in the classroom and try to understand the concept of any topic in the class. For this take important note, go through it, while you set to prepare the topic. The clarity of the concept   in the classroom will help you to further refine it, when you will set for your homework.
  • Take care: Most importantly, take care of your physical and mental health. Avoid stress it will bring nothing good. Involve your self in morning exercise or any other physical activity. If you can't manage it at morning, do it at any feasible time, establish a routine for this on a daily basis. Good social relationships, thinking positively, accepting the challenges with a smile, are all the tips which will strengthen you, both physically and mentally. Your this strength will go a long way both in your school and grade performance as well as in your whole life.
Following the above tips, will help you to improve your school performance, finally, appreciate your self, for any task you have completed. It will create a positive self image, which will additionally aid in your performance and health.

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