Saturday, 9 August 2014

Baking Soda for teeth whitening, Either to use or not to use.

Baking soda is the common household item and its have multiple benefits ranging from cooking to cleaning your carpets and baking. Same is for teeth whitening as it remains a major ingredient in toothpaste and other teeth whitening products. It is due to its strong stains removing benefits, this ingredient has and baking soda easily availability and economy.
Yes, it's right, it can do an excellent job of removing the surface stains from teeth and aid in your teeth whitening at home, but use it with caution.
How to use baking soda for teeth whitening
Simple, mix baking soda with the equal amount of water, mix it well to form a paste and brush your teeth with this paste to remove the surface stains. As baking soda, chemically known as sodium bicarbonate, have abrasive benefits it can do your job to remove the surface stains from your teeth and have a whiter teeth. 

The point that you should keep in mind that baking soda is only effective for removing the surface stains from your teeth, for deeper stains and stains that are the old one, you should go to a dentist to recommend you the right whitening product, to remove stains from your teeth.
Side effects of using baking soda for teeth whitening
Baking soda is not for regular use, if you use it regularly it can damage the outer layer of your teeth. Secondly, baking soda has not fluoride those strengthen teeth and protects it from degradation and provide your teeth protection from cavities, so it does not aid in improving the health of your teeth.

Third, if you have braces and want to whiten teeth while having braces, it may soften it will soften the glue used in braces and can create discomfort. 
Finally, i addition to whiter teeth you are also in need to have stronger and healthy teeth, baking soda does not give you the second benefits of teeth wellness, so better to consult experts to recommend you the right product for teeth whitening
Yes, for occasional use and to remove surface stains you can use baking soda on your teeth, it can give you a solution of teeth whitening, but not on permanent base.

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