Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Two Uncommon and most effective ways for teeth whitening.

You want to have pearly white teeth at home, there are multiple options some are very common and some of them are uncommon. Among these two little-known options two are such that are more efficient and can give you best results for your teeth whitening at home, Let's talk briefly about it.
Electric Toothbrush
Electronic toothbrushes are not only the battery-powered brush but also it cleans in a different way. It has been empowered by an AA battery that vibrates the toothbrush Thus providing you with the extra cleanness and enhances your teeth whitening more than normal toothbrushes. 

The dentist is agreed upon it's more effective for more teeth whitening and cleanness. The common electric toothbrushes are in two parts, one is its head and second is handle. You have to change its head every three months regularly while the handle you can use as long as it works well. The battery portion of the electric toothbrush is in the handle part and you have to recharge it regularly for use. 

  • Interesting point is that its head part comes in different functional forms, vibrator, rotate and some are using sonic technology.
  • Second benefits are its different functional aspects in addition to teeth brushing. These are available in the form, that may be more effective for gum massage, more suitable for sensitive teeth and version for teeth whitening. So, it provides you options as per your need, to opt for what you are needing at a particular time.
  • Electric toothbrush eliminates the chances of an outer layer of teeth to get damages, a common issue with vigorous tooth brushing. You just hold the toothbrush and its bristles will do the work for you in the safer way. Some advanced types of electric toothbrushes have sensors as well which will decide in auto about the force to apply on your teeth. So, it's the safest one, you can do it regularly without fear of teeth outer layer damage or the fear that your teeth will get sensitive.
  • The person with problems of arthritis, immobility and hand joint issues, the option is the ideal one to have pearly white teeth by its use.
  • You should keep in mind that if you want to get most out of an electric toothbrush, then use it according to standard instructions, use it twice daily and brush you're each jaw for 30 seconds. 
Oil pulling for teeth whitening
Oil pulling is the most time-tested way to whiten your teeth at home and it is effective today as well. Lets first see how to do oil pulling.
  • This is the swishing of oil in the mouth for 20 minutes, initially, you can start with the time of your convenience but later on, you should increase the time to 20 minutes for getting maximum for your teeth whitening and gums and oral health.
  • Oils that can be used for oil pulling are sesame oil, sunflower oil or Coconut oil.
Now, let's see what benefits you will get.
  • Oils can provide your teeth and mouth tissues the important nutrients that will enhance their bacteria and stains fighting ability.
  • Use of Coconut oil is a preferable option for oil pulling use for teeth whitening.
  • It's an inexpensive way to get healthier teeth.
  • It helps you to give you protection from Gums and oral diseases.
  • It has no side effects.
Data is still required to establish it as a way of teeth whitening. In fact, there is little scientific evidence for the use of oil pulling for teeth whitening. However, the people used it have find good and satisfactory results. Some experts are also of the opinion, that oil pulling may cause gum diseases.

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