Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to get whiter teeth in five minutes.

If are in need to get whiter teeth for a special occasion or social gathering and wish that your teeth look brighter, then teeth whitening pens are the suitable option for you. Yes, you can whiten your teeth the same day, to participate with your loved ones.

Teeth whitening pens are plastic made thin tubes and contain teeth whitening gel, that can immediately give your teeth a whiter look. It's simple to use, press the tube to squees out the gel, apply it on your teeth by the narrower side it has and it will aid whiteness and will remove surface stains in its first use.
What teeth whitening pens contains
Teeth whitening pen contains peroxide when exposed to oxygen when you apply it on your teeth, this breaks down in hydrogen peroxide and urea. It allows oxygen to get in your teeth and makes it whiter. In addition to peroxide may contain Glycerine, Sodium hydroxide, cabopol and some flavouring ingredients. 

This is the generalized form and action of teeth whitening pens, however, it ingredients, for how much you can use it after its first use and how to use it may vary. The variation is based on the ingredient used, how it is packed and how they may be applied. It's easy to understand as the details are mentioned on the packaging.
The major benefit of teeth whitening pens                        for teeth whitening is that it makes your teeth whiter in the home,  without a dentist visit, it's very easy to use and is portable. 
When you consume berries or other teeth discoloring foods or have the smoke and want to have brighter teeth for an event at hand, teeth whitening pens is the best option.

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