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How to Choose the best teeth whitening product for yourself.

Among the teeth whitening options available what will work best for you depends on the health condition of your gums, how many fillings you have on your teeth, crowns at your mouth and the degree of stains upon your teeth. Not every product is effective for all.
Let's see how you can select the best teeth whitener for yourself.

Why are your teeth stained
Before we talk about the suitable teeth whitener, let's first see, what are the causes of your teeth stains, avoiding the cause is the basic cure for avoiding the results. 

As you age more your teeth will turn yellower and darker, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry points it as that the internal factors with age ie teeth decay, restorations, use of antibiotics and trauma are those factors that stains/ discolour teeth. For the external factors, the Academy has highlighted consuming foods with ratings, like tea, coffee, carrots, oranges and red wines the causes of teeth discolouration. Smoking is also a major reason for the teeth to get stained. 
How to choose the right teeth whitener for yourself
Teeth whitening products work in two ways either they will shade teeth white or will the strains, by both action your teeth whitening will be enhanced.
The point to remember is that the use of electric toothbrush enhances the teeth whitening more than the commonly used toothbrush. 
  • Teeth whitening rinses work well for the removal of recent teeth stains when used in combination with other teeth whitening products.
  • Some toothpaste is suitable for both old and recent stains of teeth and removes both types of stains to help you get whiten teeth at home.
  • Teeth whitening gels and strips are peroxide base and remove stains from your teeth. Up to how much it will work for removal of teeth, staining depends on upon the concentration of peroxide in the gels and strips and for how much time it will remain on your teeth. So, buy a high content peroxide gel and strips and let it remain for five to 10 minutes upon your teeth to remove all the stains from your teeth and get white teeth in the short period of time.
  • One option is teeth whitening trays, it is the most suitable and recommended the option for teeth whitening when you have braces. These are filled with peroxide gels and it fits your teeth. It should be stick to your teeth for 30 minutes to get best results for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening trays are the expensive option for whitening your teeth.

Points you should be clear about
  • There are some side effects as well of teeth whitening products, it may cause irritation and teeth sensitivity.
  • Trays or teeth whitening strips may slip from the teeth and you may not get the desired results.
  • The effects of any teeth whitening option are temporary, but when used as recommended at intervals, can give you a permanent solution for your teeth whitening.

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