Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why Children under eight year of age develop white patches on teeth

It is not unusual to note white blemishes on your baby teeth. In the majority of children, it's not a serious concern. This condition shows two indications one is your child may have the early symptoms of teeth decay or the child is getting too much fluoride.  Like you are taking care of your teeth whitening at home, so same you need for your child.
Now, let's talk about the two major causes of their white blemishes in detail,
White spots may be the first sign of teeth decay and if this is so, the white spots will appear along with gum line and its colour will be chalky and pale. With the passage of time, it will turn brown or yellow. 

  • It will be your pleasure that at these both stages of teeth decay in children, you can reverse the process. You should first go for an appointment with your dental care provider and most probable is that he will initiate a fluoride treatment for your child to solve the issue. For the symptoms fast relief, the dentist will opt for an early treatment to remove the patches on your teeth. 

Receiving Fluoride can reverse the process of these patches on your child's teeth, by giving strength to teeth enamel and preventing the formation of acids, that is causing the wear and tear of your teeth.
It is equally possible that the cause root of your child white spots on teeth is the excess of fluoride, a condition known as Fluorosis. In this case, they are very mild and only by close observation can be seen. The spots develop in this condition are commonly blotchy or streaky.

  • You should note the point that fluorosis is only connected with primary teeth and its chances with permanent teeth are very less. Secondly, the positive aspect of the fluorosis is that in this condition teeth are well resistant to decay. 

Although getting fluoride is not harmful to your child, however, you should ensure that your child gets an accurate amount of fluoride and not in excesses. It is possible that your child will get excesses fluoride and get the symptoms of fluorosis, if they use the fluoride rinse, fluoride containing multivitamin tablets or syrups and may be the use of fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Although the above two mentioned major reasons of white spots on teeth are associated with primary teeth only and the issue will be solved after the eruption of permanent teeth. Its cure is important for having a healthier permanent teeth, so its cure is important when you observe these on your child's teeth.

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