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Two awesome food components that protect you from Cold and other Diseases

If you take adequate zinc, it means you are consuming more synergy, for your immune system, growth capabilities and enhancing your fertility. Ensure its proper uptake in your kids, it will prevent them from the weight loss, so will prevent them to be underweight. It will also boost their infrastructure and the absorption capacity of the nutrients they take.
Symptoms of Zinc deficiency: Now let's have a look, whom we can figure that we are in need of more zinc intake. You may go through some of the symptoms mentioned below to decide the level of zinc within your body. These are,
  • If you are feeling a loss of your vitality.
  • If your hair and skin lose their gloss and your hair is easily broken and fall.
  • If you feel that your skin have not the desired vitality, its wetness, its look and appearance.
  • If your skin wounds heal in more time than the normal condition.
  • If you have fewer senses of smell and taste
  • If you are feeling a lack of appetites.
  • If you are feeling laziness and fatigue
  • If you have white spots on your nails.
  • If you are feeling that your growth is retarded.
  • If your attribute of perception and apprehension is slowed.
Zinc: Now, let's see how can zinc help us to prevent our symptoms of cold and other infections. Researchers are of the view that taking zinc recovers us from,

  •  The cold earlier and can decrease the symptoms of getting cold by 36% in the children.
  • You want to take zinc and are in search to find its food sources, let me share with you that if you take poultry, meat, dry fruits and eggs are the foods that contain enough zinc.

So, make sure the proper consumption of the above-mentioned foodstuff and get the diversified benefits of the zinc, as discussed.

Zinc and Vitamin C in reducing the symptoms of Cold.

Lets me share with you the report by the Telegraph that the Americans invests more time and money to take vitamin C for the prevention and to cut the symptoms associated with cold, though, it's had no effect on the recovery from this viral disease
  • Scientists also concluded that the traditional remedies like Gen ting, Echinacea, vapour rubs and cough remedies have no significant effects in its prevention and reducing the symptoms of his cough.  
  • You can treat it with antibiotics but Antibiotics treat our Cold by the prevention of secondary bacterial infections, however, their benefits overweight their good effects.
Now let's see what are the best ways to prevent a cold, let's see it,
  • Zinc intake has the significant effects of controlling the symptoms.
  • Medicines like ibuprofen and paracetamol reduce his fever.
  • Honey is proven to be effective in the treatment of a sore throat.
  • The spread of illness, including colds, can be reduced by the washing our hands regularly.
“The best evidence for the prevention of common cold supports hand washing and possibly the use of zinc supplementation” concluded by Dr.Michael Allan at the University of Alberta, Department of Family Medicine. For the conclusion all, steam revived hundred of research and the findings are published in the 27th Issue of CMAJ, “Canadian Medical Association Journal.
If you see the details of the findings of the research, you will find the following utilizable tips,
  • Probiotic helps in the prevention of cold; however, you have to make sure that you take a combination of it, so deciding upon the specific probiotic that has the positive impact of the winter infections is unclear.
  • For your children age 5 or above,  the combination of antihistamine and decongestants can help to have an infection-free winter season.
  • If you are using the spray, then note it that it can help you in a runny nose, but its effects are not clear in the congestion tagged with the cold.
  • If you are ahead underlying diseases associated with colder than should consult a Doctor while going for any remedial option.
  • There are two research trails on hand that shows that a 10 or 15 mg of zinc sulphate on a regular daily basis decreases the common cold and fever in the children and can significantly cut the ratio of the absence of your children from schools.
  • You also note the statement of the scientists that the benefits that the children can get from zinc intake are not limited to them only, it's equally applicable for the adults, as well.
So, consume Zinc you and make sure its intake by your children and enjoy an infection-free winter this season with other value-added benefits, as well.

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