Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Five reasons, why we sweat excessively, Know the reasons and find the solution

Everyone sweats, in hot weather and when following hard work in the summer. Agree. 
Some of us sweat excessively, more than normal sweating. It creates challenges of wit dresses and attire, which impacts your social health. Let's see the causes of this excessive sweating.
Common tips for comfort for the below mentioned five reasons of excessive sweating: Wear light and breathable clothes, have a refreshing bath or shower and take plenty of fresh water or natural fruit juices, to balance your water and electrolyte loss by Sweating.
  •  Strong feelings: if you are in stress, love or anger, you will sweat more. The evoked emotions trigger the sweat glands at your palm, underarm and on the sole of your feet. It's a common observation, of sweating of these body parts in emotional status. Emotional stability is the key to cover this reason of the excessive sweating.

If you are not in emotional status and you sweat more than normal then the reasons are,
  • Spicy and hot food: Spicy and hot food trigger the sweat gland in the same way as by heat. Some foods like the bear widen the blood vessels and initiate sweating. Other foods that trigger, more than normal sweating, are tea, coffee and alcohol. Sweating by food is also an abnormality in your salivary gland or if you have undergone neck surgery. Lessen the intake of nicotine, and in case of gland issue, a professional advice from Doctor can prevent you from excessive sweating.
  • Sickness: Some disease conditions like diabetes, fever, angina and cancer are also the cause of your excessive sweating. In fever, the body sweat as the internal body temperature is above normal, so its sweats, by natural homeostasis rule, to sweat, to bring back the body normal temperature.  In any of these sicknesses and sweating relationship, the opinion of a healthcare provider should be taken.
  • Pregnancy and Menopause: In pregnancy changing hormone levels increase the blood flow, which slightly increases the body temperature, as result body sweat to normalize this high temperature. In Menopause, change in hormonal level changes the internal temperature gauge, body sweat to counter the hot flushes in menopause. Your gynaecologist is best for adjustment of sweating.
  • Medications: if you are taking Antidepressants, medicines for hypertension and diabetes, then the chances of your excessive sweating is more. Consult with your doctor and do not change the medicine by yourself.
Sweating is the main indicator, that you are in stress, Read the full story of,

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