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The amazing health benefits of Vitamins and minerals for your health

Prior to see the Macro health benefits of micro minerals, first let's have a definition of Micro Minerals. As per the definition of the dictionary reference, Micro-minerals are,” Any chemical element required by the living organisms in minute amounts, usually a part of a vital enzyme, the cell produced catalytic protein.”Your body was in need of 10 micro minerals daily. The micro minerals nourish the adrenals and thyroid, the major layers in energy production for the body.
Food Sources of Micro nutrients: Your sources for the micro nutrients are vegetables Dark green leafy vegetables, Fermented or cultured food, and probiotic.

  • If you look at the list of micro nutrients, you will see as, Copper: Imagine it as a  co factor or a major enzyme, super oxide dismutase, one of the major anti-oxidant for the body. The depletion of copper in food results in the lower level of super-oxide dismutase ( SOD) and an a result its low function. Copper is needed for the bone and tissue integrity. You can talk back its part to the requirement of copper in the collagen formation. You know that the collagen is the major building protein of the body, so its deficiency results into the tissue integrity loss. moreover, you note that Copper has two major roles to play in the energy production for the body. If you want to protect yourself from the increase levels of blood cholesterol, take copper enrich foods. This is being proven by the research that an adequate amount of copper within the human body, aids in the maintenance of blood cholesterol levels. So, when you take dark green vegetables, be sure that you will get the benefits of antioxidant protection, Bone and tissue integrity, more energy levels and controlled blood cholesterol levels.
  •  For your healthy digestion processes, chromium plays a very major role. Chromium is also known to have benefits for the diabetic and to keep the cholesterol levels healthy. Although proper studies have still to confirm it, chromium has part in the prevention of coronary heart disease, as it increased good cholesterol and lowers the levels of unfriendly cholesterol. If you look at the other benefits of chromium, these are protected eye and to cut the calcium loss by the body. So if you have an adequate amount of chromium, the significant benefits you will get is a healthy digestion process, help for the control of type-2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, eye protection and you will lose no utilizable calcium from your body.You will also get the added benefits of iron.
  •  All among us have heard the name of hemoglobin, a term attached with freshness and beauty. This hemoglobin formation is carried by the iron. hemoglobin is the major oxygen carrier to the body, and you know that oxygen is life. It's also helps in the transfer of oxygen from one cell to another. It is also required for the normal muscle and brain function. If you are not chilled, it means that there is the possibility of iron deficiency anemia. Iron is the major player in curing the iron deficiency anemia and aids in fitness and beauty.With more other benefits of iron.
  • Iodine, the name you ahead often heard about, while talking about Goiter. The principal function of iodine is to normalize the function of thyroid gland. From one aspect, you should pay its due attention that iodine absorption may be inhibited by the presence of certain types of other minerals. That's why, you commonly hear from Doctors; iodine deficiency is increasing.  So, for getting  the normal function of thyroid hormone iodine is a prerequisite.
  • Molybdenum: its major benefit for the health and fitness is that it is essential for iron absorption, add functional vitality to iron use and helps in the healthy functioning of enzymes. Additionally, if you want to get protection from the gastrointestinal reflex asthma, Molybdenum is your right companion.

  • Siliconyou bones are growing, you want to growth it further. Silicon is the prerequisite for the increase bone health. It is the major function of silicon. Other benefits that we can get by getting Silicon is the preventive role in the Heart diseases, Alzheimer diseases, sprains & strains, hair loss and more.
  • manganese: Your health benefits associated with Manganese are; it helps the body to form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors and sex hormones. It also plays a role in your body beneficial activities like, carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation and is required by the body for healthy brain and nerves function.
  • fluoride: It helps in the prevention of your tooth decay, used in the treatment of osteoporosis and reduction of vertebral fractures.
  • Calcium: It builds up bones helps to prevent osteoporosis, aids in keeping the body smart and slim and reduces the severity of osteoporosis.
  • Boron: Its main part within the human body is to build strong bones and prevention of osteoporosis. Boron is also used at astringent for skin to prevent skin infections.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a miracle mineral. Its major function is the enhancement of enzymatic and hormonal activities. It boosts immune system and help in the sexual development.

So, ensure the adequate intake of these minerals for the macro benefits, it offers to your health.

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