Sunday, 26 October 2014

04 effetive tips to take care of your hormonal health.

Before a discussion of the factors responsible for the healthy man's hormone system, let's take an overview of what is a hormone.
A hormone is primarily the key to coordination and integration of different functions of the body along with a key role in the muscle strength, sexual desire, the level of sugar in the blood. Men hormones also play a key role in your body response of the body to various stimuli. The lack of the male hormone within the human body may lead to fatigue, libido and depression.
The important point to note it, here is that a hormone levels vary from body to body and are dependent upon the stress levels, food intake and physical well-being.
You note that Male hormones are called as an androgen. The function of androgen is to stimulate or control the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics in your body. Androgen is responsible for the part of the male sex organ and the development of secondary characteristics.
The primary androgen in your body is testosterone-It plays key roles in the health and well.being.the role of androgen is to keep up libido, to give energy to man's body and play its important role in the immune system and protection against osteoporosis.
Now let us see how can men keep their hormone system health.Men should follow three basic rules to keep their Hormone system healthy.
The first important reason for having a healthy hormonal system for men is Iodine supplementation.
The second is to check their legs and arms for small, raised and red colour bumps called as cherry hemangiomas. This is a sign of estrogen saturation which may lead to the prostate issue in men. This may be the result of the estrogen supplementation in men, so men should be care full about the estrogen supplementation to keep their prostate health and to be prevented from the swollen prostate.
Third important reason for the man's health is the Zinc supplementation. Men can be protected from the diminished taste, of smell and taste; memory loss, slow healing, white spots on the nails and the insulin function may be precipitated, additionally, men are in need of Zinc supplementation for their prostate health.
The fourth important reason for the healthy hormone system of males are to follow the general guidance as; Less stress, less sugar, emphasis upon eating protein, avoid soy products for one of Zinc deficiency.
So, these are the basic facts about your body, s hormone system.
Now, to keep your hormone system lively and active take health friendly food. Zinc-enriched diet is utilized to boost our hormone system.
The zinc richest source is oysters and other sources are meat, nuts and green leafy vegetables.


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