Sunday, 26 October 2014

05 wonderful Health benefits of Zinc for Kids

When we talk about the Zinc for the health of children and teenagers, most important to note is that  enzymes of metabolism and digestion are zinc-dependent and second is that more than 70 enzymes involved in the mentioned activities are zinc-dependent.
  • Zinc for Memory and Attention: Your  Child tasks of attention and memory may be much increased by taking 20 mg zinc on daily basis. You should also remember that Zinc is also related to the function of motor, cognitive and psychometric activities in children and adolescence. Zinc deficiency is common in the adolescence stage, due to less consumption of zinc rich foods.
  • Zinc for the health of children with pneumonia:  Zinc helps  to protect children from pneumonia.
  • Zinc for lowering the morbidity rates in children: Zinc has shown to cut the morbidity ratio associated with malaria in some countries, in combination with Vitamin A. In low-income countries, zinc deficiency is a major health threat to the children. Zinc has an established role in the management of acute diarrhoea.
  • Zinc for the health of children with cold:  Zinc sulphate 10 mg/ 5 ml is helpful in reducing the cold severity in children.
  • Zinc for growth and sexual maturity in children: Zinc supplementation produces positive impacts upon the desired height and weight limits for your children. Zinc is vital for the normal growth and development of reproductive organs in children.

It also boosts immune, endocrine and reproductive systems in children and teenagers. Zinc protects the children from lethargy, as zinc has a role to conserve energy.
Zinc intake is helpful to have a healthy social child.  Its adequate intake is helpful to prevent recurrent infections in children and teenagers. Skin, hair, nails and vision also gets benefits from the adequate its intake.
An important point to remember is that our taking zinc foods/ supplements are harmful as the zinc deficiency.

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