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What are the causes of Acne and how to manage it.

 What is acne: Acne is a condition of the skin. In the acne, the skin suffers from,

Zinc has its vital importance for your skin health, you can consider it an 24 hour Officer on Special Duty for Skin. Studies at both vitro and vivo have shown the effectiveness of zinc in the protection of Skin.
Zinc provides anti-microbial properties and protection from ultraviolet rays induced harm to the Skin.
  • The protection from the ultraviolet harm to the skin is being proved by the study of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. The study further shows that the Zinc has a positive impact on the synthesis of Type -1 collagen, which gives protection to the skin from the ageing effects.
  • Red pimples due to inflammation and infection of sebaceous glands.
 Causes of acne: The exact cause of the acne is still unknown. However the current studies reveal that acne is closely associated with, Source
  • The major indicator for acne is the increased levels of androgen, a male hormone, produced both in the male and female bodies.
  •  Genetic causes may also lead to acne.
  •  In some sensitive people, greasy cosmetics may cause acne.
  •  Another possible cause of acne is the hormonal change during pregnancy.
  •  Further causes may be;
  • ,  Vitamin Deficiency
  •   Stress
  •   Diet
  • inflammation
The research by the “ American Academy of Family Physicians,
“ The Zinc facilitates the repair of the Skin cells caused by the common skin challenges like minor wounds, topical irritations and wounds, particularly acne and skin sores”
Zinc for health of skin in acne: The possible role of zinc in acne management is as,
  • The outcome of some studies shows that acne develops due to the deficiency of Zinc.
  • Some of the Studies suggest that Zinc helps to prevent the inflammation of the skin due to acne.
  •  Zinc aids in the management of nip-zit in the skin by reducing the amount of oil in these buds.
  • As a damage of skin with acne, Zinc assists in the healing of the affected skin.
  • Zinc possibly increases the carriage of Vitamin A to the skin and so keeps the body's hormonal balance helping us to effectively manage acne.
  •  Zinc gives benefit in the processes of apoptosis, which may be a major cause of acne.
  • The anti-inflammatory action of zinc also provides relief in acne.
  • Zinc has antimicrobial action.
  • Zinc aid the absorption of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in the skin.

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