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How you can protect your heart from diseases.

How a friendly life partner adds in the heart health. This is being described in a study by Dr Bert Uchino, a Psychological scientist at the Department of psychology and health psychology at the University of Utah.
A supportive spouse is a key to a happy and healthy heart. The study investigated the Coronary Artery Calcification and revealed that a life partner supportive in the difficulty have a positive impact upon this malfunction of the heart. Those couples that seem to be unsupported have a high level of coronary artery calcification.
So be supportive of your life partner and helps him protect his heart. Although a direct relationship between cause and effect is still to be proven, however, the data gathered from the preliminary studies have shown the above-mentioned results.
One of the alternative reasons for a healthy heart among the satisfied couple is the motivation for the healthcare and the reduced consumption of the heart-damaging agents like smoking and the reduced level of anxiety. 
  • Secondarily a domestically motivated individual takes more care of his health by taking heart-friendly food and taking regular exercise.
The above-mentioned findings are published in the Psychological Science.
For your interest lets review the study, this is conducted upon,
  •  136 heterosexual couples,
  •  Their average age is 63 and
  •  The time of marriage is 36 years. 
  • You also note that 97% of the study population was white.  
  • Surprisingly, none of the participants has any heart issue.

Now let's see what the people under study show, 

  • 30 % are thinking that their life partner is always supportive
  •  While 70% are of the view that their partner gives him support as per the situation.  
  • The latter is also of the view that sometimes they also face an unpredictable behaviour of their spouse.

Physical findings of the impact on the heart by a helpful life partner. CT scan results revealed that the coronary heart calcification increases when the partner felt ambivalent about each other behaviour. The partner who never felt ambivalent about the other behaviour has the lowest calcification ratio in their heart.
It will also be of interest to you that the number of supportive people in one life has a,

  •  The high survival ratio for vs the one that has less supportive persons.
  • The relation is direct and is proven by the statement of  Dr Nieca Goldberg, spokesperson for the American Heart Association.
You please note that the same is applicable to the number of social contacts that an individual has as in the case of the number of supportive persons or a helpful spouse.
From all the above-mentioned data gathered that having a more supportive spouse, supportive people and more social contacts have a positive impact on the heart health.

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