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Memory and brain functional health- How to maintain and enhance it.

Memory Loss: the topic of discussion always stay in our study, when we talk about the challenges related to the ageing. The topic is the forgetfulness or memory loss.  This is due to the typical age-related memory loss or the sign for Alzheimers diseases. We can differentiate between two one generalized general formulas, that age-related memory loss is,

  • Occasional and
  • As a symptom of Alzheimer's diseases, it remains consistent.

Either the memory loss is  a result of the normal aging process or due to the Alzheimer diseases, effective memory enhancer aids in the management.
Why to use Memory Enhancers

  • The primary goal of the memory enhancer is to slow down the processes of the memory loss. It will aids in the cost saving of Billion $ on one side and will improve the mental and social health of the worldwide population. This will further aid its due role in a peaceful nd healthy global society.
  • ·        One option, to slow the prevalence of the memory loss is the prescription medicines. However, it is  both expensive, and its effectiveness decreases with the passage of treatment.

Looking for Memory supplements 

 There is a list of natural memory boosters available, for details....

  • You may also find a list of the products available in the market; some of them are with proven scientific proof, and some have not stabbed, wished scientific proofs on its back. The products that are available with scientific proofs are Ginko bioloba, Omega-3 fatty acid, Huperzine A, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Vitamin E, Ginseng.
  • Another effective way it enhances the memory function of the brain is to adopt some healthy and balanced living practices. The habits can broadly categorize into the eating habits,  physical tips to improve memory, natural cure for the memory loss and exercises. For details...
  •   Zinc, being a miracle mineral has a part to improve the memory.This is being proven by a number of studies.  Research published in the Journal Of Neuron have identified the role of zinc in the memory. According to the research, it supports the memory function and cognitive stability. The study highlights zinc enhances the communication between neurons and hippocampus aiding in the enhanced memory. The study suggests that the proper zinc intake helps us to keep up the memory function with an increase in age.
  • The mechanism of action of zinc as memory enhancer is that, zinc deposits in the nerve cells; the deposited zinc is called vehicles. The vehicle has a very essential role in the nerve communication, resulting in the normal brain function including memory. Secondly, a higher concentration of zinc is found with the brain memory and learning control center, hippocampus, giving proof for the role of zinc in memory function.
  Another Research published in the PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, further specifies, zinc part of the memory. For further details... 

  •  As you have seen the role of zinc in the maintenance and enhancement of memory, one further point  that we should keep in mind, while reviewing the role of zinc in the memory is that the memory challenges are common in old age. Additional to the memory, old people also face other challenges, as well. Zinc not only helps with the memory of the elderly; it also gives benefits in the other health acre aspects of old age persons.

·        Other health benefits of zinc for old age:

  • It is used to improve the immune system.
  • It boosts hormonal activities.
  • It reduces the stress and aids in the depression management.
  • It takes care of skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.
  • It is used in the weight management and to cut hair fall.
  • It helps to overcome libido.
  • It improves the social health.

The above mentioned benefits of zinc further make zinc as an ideal mineral for older age and persons with impaired memory. 

Let now share with you the study of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon state zinc is related to the different brain functions and diseases. Both its deficiency and redistribution is exalted to many brain diseases Now lets see how it can affect the brain health.
  • Children are impacted by the zinc want and it can cause many impairments in the mental and physical health of children. 
  • Its deficiency in children causes Lethargy, decreased learning ability, mental retardation. 
  • If your child is hyperactive then he is more prone to having zinc deficient. If you are a pregnant or a lactating woman then your child can be affected by its deficiency.
  •  Reason is that zinc plays a major role in the development of the  brain. Its deficiency can also cause cognition abnormalities in the children Nervous system.
  • Zinc being a good anti-oxidant protects your brain for these possible harmful effects.

Let's now go ahead the discussion further to see how zinc can protect the brain from different diseases, First you should note that,

  • A lower zinc level is associated with several brain diseases. According to the study of the same source it is used in  treating mental diseases like Wilson's disease and few types of schizophrenia.
  •  If you are zinc deficient then you are susceptible to the epileptic seizures and Lou Gehrig disease. Now let's see in detail the role of zinc in the Alzheimer's diseases.
  •  A redistribution of its levels is associated with the Alzheimer's disease. According to the study, the progression of the study is  correlated with the heightened level of zinc in some part of the brain and drop level in other parts of the brain But its exact mechanism is still unknown.

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