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Why, the girls have slightly different nutritional needs than the boys

In the adolescence period, both girls and boys pass through rapid changes. These changes are in the social relationships, more freedom and the health challenges to stay healthy and fit than their childhood.Image result for girls nutritional needs

Both the activity level and gender are an important consideration when we talk about the nutritional needs of the boys and girls.
Nutrition importance for teenagers: You Keep in the notice that basic nutritional needs of the boys and girls remain alike. Talk to you teenage girl or boy to take a variety of food. According to a non-profit organization, Help, Guide, both are in need to take several servings of vegetables and fruits. They should consider whole grains, fat-free dairy offerings and a variety of lean protein.
Calorie needs are different for Boys and Girls: The caloric needs are different for the boys and girls. This is because of the difference in weight and the amount of lean muscle mass. General guideline is as,
13- 15 years
16-19 years
13-15 years
16-19 Years
2000-3000 calories/ Day2400-3200 calories/ Day1600- 2400 Calories/ day1800- 2400 calories/ Day
You should keep in mind that inactive teenage groper will need fewer calories as mentioned below.
Protein needs: When we talk about the protein need of the teenage girls and boys, these are,
13 years
14- 18 years
13 years
14- 18 Years
34 gm
52 gm
34 gm
46 gm
Mineral requirements of both boys and girls:
Both Boys and Girls need the same amount of Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Copper and Selenium.
Zinc, magnesium and iron are needed in different quantities.  The generalization is as,
Mineral Required
9 mg
11 mg
11 mg
15 mg
460 mg
310 mg

You should consider the different requirements for vitamins, both for boys and girls. Girls needless amount of Vitamins because of their smaller stature and body weight.
Importance of Zinc for both boys and girls: Teenagers are in need of Zinc deficiency in the following conditions, like Poor diet, vegetarianism, malabsorption syndrome, Sickle cell anaemia, alcoholics, inflammatory bowel syndrome, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Zinc maximum tolerance limit for teens is 34 mg/ day.
Zinc is important for both boys and girls, to
  • Prevent them from Cold
  • To make their skin healthy and attractive
  • To prevent them from winter infections
  • To help them achieve tallness
  • For their general health and fitness.
  • For their physical, sexual and intellectual development
  • To help them fight diseases
  • For faster injury recovery
For Girls, additional benefits of Zinc is that it helps them to have attractive nails, counter Rosacea, endometriosis, Acne, hair loss and in premenstrual syndrome.  Additionally, for a clearer and healthier skin,  Zinc is among one of the prerequisites.
So, ensure its proper intake to get the amazing benefits for your health.

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