Saturday, 29 November 2014

08 workable tips for selection and usage of backpacks

Teenagers often discuss Backpacks favours and health issues, here are some effective tips for the selection and usage of backpacks, so that its advantages overcome its health risks, let's talk,

Make a right selection of backups: Ensure that when you purchase a backpack, have padded straps that make over your shoulder. The wider the straps the better is. A backpack with a metal strip can give you additional support. A backpack with a waist support can additionally help you to distribute you more equally. A backpack with multiple compartments is an ideal one for weight distribution.

Carry it the right way: When packing your packs inside, make it closer to your backside. Similarly, place the heavier items, close to your back, so that the backpack does not bend downside and your weight will be distributed equally. When you use the side pockets for some items, it will further adjust the weight. Don, t Overpack it, you may carry some books or packs in your hand as well.

If your school SOPs allow it, you may consider a good bag, for carrying the books and all that is required in school.

Do not carry unnecessary weight: while packing the backpack, plan it. Adjust it as per your day's planning. Do not carry, what you have put yesterday, and are not required today. Similarly, your fine dress or evening job dress can be managed to carry at afternoon, do not carry it in the morning.

Keep some books at home; Books that can be managed from school, keep it at home. Similarly, your items/ books required only at school, try to place it in your school. By this way, your weight carriage will be lessened, and also will help you to be more organized.

Get two sets of books: Most of the school libraries have enough number of textbooks, the second option is that you manage two sets of books, one for home and second for school. By this way you will greatly reduce the weight of your backpacks, you carry.

Handle it properly: as weight lifting has a very basic rule, that you should first bend on your knees and then lift the weight. Apply the same to your backpacks, when lifting it to your shoulders.

Enhance your health; do exercise to strengthens your back and shoulders. Consume nutritious food, avid stress, enjoy your school and be in good mood. This will also help you to cope with backpacks health issues along with your more enhanced health.

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