Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Take a cup of tea and get 10 surprising health benefits

Tea offers you benefits so don, t refuse to take a cup of tea. You will get the health benefits, as

  • Tea contains antioxidants, which protects your body from the free radical damage, so helps you to cope with aging impacts and pollution impacts.
  • Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. A normal cup of tea contains only 30 mg caffeine, the amount is far less than coffee, containing 135 mg. If coffee intake causes you a headache or interferes with your sleep, switch to tea.
  • Tea may reduce the risk of heart attack and Stroke: taking tea makes your arteries smooth and clog free as per research findings of a 5.6 year data collection at Netherland, that individuals that take 2-3 cup of black tea daily have 70 % lower risks of fatal heart attacks compared to non- tea drinkers.
  • Tea gives you strong bones: Due to the presence of phytochemicals and milk, tea gives vitality and strength to your bones and protects you from the hazardous impacts of smoking and aging, upon your bones.
  • Tea for a twee smile: Tea contains fluoride and tannins, which helps you in your teeth whitening and health. Although sugar added in tea may have reverse effects upon the teeth, taking unsweetened tea gives you a brighter smile.
  • Tea boosts your immune system: The regular tea drinkers have more immune activities in their blood compared to non-tea drinkers.
  • Tea and protection from Cancer: The credit goes to Polyphemus, the antioxidant present in tea, which protects your body from Cancer. Although further proof is yet to come, however, enough evidences are here, that taking tea have positive impacts to protect your body from Cancer.
  • Tea keeps you hydrated: If you are taking tea less than 5 cups a day, it will help you to keep your body hydrated, although more than this can potentially dehydrate your body.
  • Calories free drink: if unsweetened, then tea is the best non-caloric refreshing beverage and can help you a lot in managing your calorie intake.
  • Tea enhances Metabolism and reduce Stress: Due to the presence of Antioxidants and caffeine, tea enhances your positive body reactions and makes you fresh and stress free.
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