Monday, 3 November 2014

20 lovely foods that reduce Stress

  •  Dark Chocolate: Being a strong pleasure enhancing food, chocolates have been used for reducing the stress. Chocolate contains magnesium, that helps to fight stress, anxiety and have the positive lowering impact on the symptoms of depression.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts controls the blood pressure and have proven impacts upon reducing Stress.
  • Coffee: taking coffee, helps to control stress. The caffeine contents of coffee elevate the mood within few minutes. Taking two cups of coffee is helpful to have a pleasing mood and to reduce the stress.
  • Green tea: It is the richest source of antioxidant and works well, particularly for smokers. Catechins and flavonoids, the antioxidant part of green tea protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce the stress level.
  • Milk is the super nutritious food on one side and a good stress reliever on the other. The good idea is to have it at breakfast with cornflakes.
  • Blueberries: It contains stress, lowering ingredients, like magnesium, manganese, vitamin A, C and E. Blueberries have very positive impacts upon depression, sleeplessness and stress.
  • Spinach: A cup of boiled spinach a day boosts our physical and mental capabilities and enables us for our physical and mental challenges of the day. Spinach boots the pleasure producing hormones and make us stress-free and vigorous.

  • Salmon: It is rich with Omega-3, which fuels the brain with the pleasure-producing chemicals, serotonin, and helps the body to manage the stress producing hormones.
  • Almonds: The rich source of Zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E, almonds are the proven source for reducing the stress.
  • Avocado: Avocado is rich in proteins, minerals, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C and healthy fats. It is also potent enough to regulate blood pressure, in addition to control stress.
  • Brown Rice; Brown rice is the richest source of vitamin B complex, a very essential component of nerve health. Vitamin B also strengthens cardiac functions, red blood cell health and helps the body to fight stress and anxiety.
  • Oatmeal: oatmeal is rich in dietary fibres and has proven impacts upon regulating blood sugar levels, due to its slow absorption in the body, with good impacts on the body to fight stress.
  • Yogurt: yoghurt is rich in calcium, which is required not only for the health of bones and teeth but is also required to reduce stress symptoms by counterbalancing the emotions. 
  • Broccoli: broccoli is used both in fried form and build. It is the best source of folic acid.
  • Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds are rich in folate, that controls the emotional reaction of the body and giving us good pleasure impacts in stress.
  • Oranges: Oranges are rich in the antioxidants and fibres. It quenches the free radicals, which boost the release of stress hormones. 
  • Whole grain bread: It is the richest source of vitamin B family members, and having good impacts upon release of chemicals that induce pleasure sensations in the brain.
  • Ice cream: It reduces the secretions of the stress-producing hormone, Glucocorticoids, and make us feel relaxed.
  • Soups: Soups are stress, soothing food that has good nutritional value as well.
  • Asparagus: It is rich in folic acid and has proven impacts to lower stress.
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