Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Know about different types of hair

There are two types of hair on your body. But stop, lets first talk about your hair structure. All hairs are composed of keratin, which is a type of protein, hard in texture. Hair growth is initiated beneath your skin surface, in the cavity at the base of hair, called as the hair follicle. Now, let's talk about types of hair.

  • Vellus hair: Vellus hair is soft and smooth, fine and small. They are present on the chest, back and face of the girl's body. They are generally not marked at eye and in some females, particularly with dark complexion, it can be seen. Vellus hair provide insulation to the body agints the tempreture.
  • Terminal hair: Your terminal hair is darker, longer and stronger than your vellus hair. They are developed on your head, from your birth. After your puberty, it starts developing on your armpits and pubic region. In boys, after puberty, terminal hairs develop on face, chest, reproductive organs, legs and back. Terminal hairs provide cushion and protection to your body.
  • Excesses hair Growth: As a result of certain medications you take or due to some medical conditions, excess hair grows on women, s face, upper lip, chin chest belly and back, they are similar to terminal hair. The condition of the excesses hair development i s called hirsutism and develops due to the polysystic ovary syndrome, hormone imbalance and use of medicines like anabolic steroids.
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