Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Do you truly need to lose weight?

Being healthy is about to have the weight that matches you. The best way that either you have a healthy weight or you need to lose it is to talk to your dietitian or Doctor. He is in a better position to guide you about this talk. Secondly, he can compare your present condition with the healthy norms and can help you to set realistic norms. Very important,

  • Weight management is a long-term task, don, t go for a crash plan as most probably, you will usually get back all, if you haven,t change your daily habits. Now, keep in mind the following workable tips for your weight control.
  • Make it a family affair; Teens that involve their families in their weight management have shown good results in their weight management.
  • Watch your drinks: You will be surprised how many extra calories you take daily in the form of soda or sports drink. You can easily restrict yourself by 150 calories daily, by taking a look at the beverages, you take daily. Taking water instead of drinks can help you a lot in your weight management. Switching from whole to non-fat milk can also support you a lot.
  • Have a small start: Small tasks for weight management can go a long way for your benefits, for your weight management. Look into the amount and soft drinks you consume daily, reduce the quantity in steps. Secondly, change your menu by adding healthy foods to your diet and start realistic objectives for your exercise.
  • Stop eating when you are full: A lot of people eat when they are alone or stressed. So think a while, what is still in your stomach, find other ways to help you, when you are alone or bored. Most people maintain a diary, what they have eaten and when. You can take help of your doctor or dietician for the help.
  • Five servings of veggies and fruits is a good idea to help you in your weight management. It will keep both your heart and body healthy. Some additional suggestions are, replace white bread with whole wheat, take a healthy breakfast with low sugar, whole grain cereal with milk is a good replacement for doughnuts. Further, take the help of your dietician for setting healthy menus for you.
  • Avoid fad diets: remember, that it's not good to leave exclusively a group of foods, you need all of them to stay healthy. Staying away from fad diets for getting proper nutrition as still you are growing and need a healthy and nutritious diet for your desired physical growth. Avoid diet pills, as their long-term stability effects are still a question mark and yet to be proven. 
  • Don, it completely banishes certain foods, by restricting your self to stop eating your favourite peanut butter, chocolate or potato,s chips at your class breaks. The key to your long-term success is a balanced approach. You have to maintain a balance of the day, if you have gone to any of your favourite food, then balance it at lunch by taking carrots rather than chips to balance it.
  • Stay moving: Don, t restrict yourself for the play only with your team or taking an aerobic class for exercise. Try a variety, from going to walk to school, jog up the stairs a few times before going for morning shower, involve in your garden with your parents or in any other home tasks, anything that keeps you moving. You have to meet an hour exercise task on daily basis, with a variety, offcourse, something you enjoy.
  • Build your muscles and forgive yourself, muscles consume more energy than fats, so build it, take part in your muscle building activities and try resistant bands, pushups, strength training and flexibility exercises. Remember that for your weight management, you have to start now, not tomorrow or after this weekend. You are the better person with this weight as well and starting for weight management, is simple to keep yourself healthy. it will not make you a better person.
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