Friday, 28 November 2014

Why have you not started your periods yet?

Girls start their periods at different ranges, varying from 8 years to 15 years. Factors influencing your age of starting periods are,

  • Genetic factors, the hereditary characteristics that you have received from your parents. Although there are variations in the age of first periods, among teenagers of the same factors, however, a general time estimate can be calculated, while knowing the age of first periods, from both your parent,s families.
  • If you're not getting proper, healthy and nutritious diet, then there are possibilities that your periods will start at a later age.
  • Excessive exercise delays the age of your first period.
  • Imbalance of hormone levels can also cause the delay in your periods to start.
  • If you have not started your periods, even till age 15 years, then consult your doctor. Depending on the cause, your doctor may advise you any proper treatment. The absence of periods, even at age 15 is called, amenorrhea, and can be effectively treated.
The absence of periods, even at age 15 is called amenorrhea, it may be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea is the absence of periods, even at age 15 is primary amenorrhea. While if the girls stop menstruating, for a period of more than three months, is secondary amenorrhea. The major factor for both amenorrheas are hormonal imbalance, which is the output of factors, like

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