Sunday, 7 December 2014

10 habits of most teenagers that can harm their health.

You as a teenager may be unaware of certain behaviours, that can harm your health. Let's talk about the common 10 habits, that you should avoid for your better health.

Nail biting: some kids develop the habit of nail biting and with the passage of time, particularly, boys retain this habit. If the nails are not properly clean, it may cause infection as the bacteria from the nails may be transferred in your body, when you bite your nails.

Hair Twirling: Being an indication of stress, hair twirling is common among teenage girls. The simple behavioural modification is required to stop your this habit. Like twirling, hair pulling is common among teenagers and it may be with hair loss or not.
Nose Picking: if the teenager is annoyed by the hardened dirt in the nose, he began nose picking. Among the most unlikable habit, you must clean your nose before going into allies and avoid the unconscious nose picking, by realizing its impact upon your liability and social health.
Thumb Sucking: This is the habit of kids that may exist in the teenagers as well. The sacking of thumb is an indication that you are seeking comfort and satisfaction.
Breath holding: it is a reflex action that follows an injury, anger or fear and frustration. This may not be so harmful to your health, but your parents are most concerned about this habit.
Fidgeting; Fidgeting is the hat that the teenagers develop as a result of boredom particularly in classes. The most common concern of teachers and parents both, you are in need to be more attentive and participative in your classes to quit this habit.
Grinding teeth or jaw clenching: your this habit is called bruxism in medical terms, You do this when you are in deep sleep, or under stress. Other reasons of your this habit are the non-alignment of your lower and upper jaws, pain in your ears or teeth, you should first properly diagnosed your cause of this habit, in order to stop this.
Lip biting: Your this habit is not harmful to your health but is more appropriate in the social terms.
Twitching; if you are in need of continuous twitching, you are in need of the consultation with Doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment.
Chewing clothes, toys and other objects; your this health, needs your conscious attention to quit. It not only affects your social acceptability but can also cause infection, if the object you are chewing is dirty.

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