Friday, 5 December 2014

Do you know about the causes of a yeast vaginal infection?

Yeast infection is the most prevalent type of private part infection. Let's talk how it occurs,
A bacteria, Candida, cause this infection.
  • The symptoms are itching, burning feeling, thick and clumpy discharge from your sexual organ.
  • Use of some antibiotics may cause a yeast infection.
  • Stress, hormonal changes, birth control pills, diabetes and pregnancy also cause the yeast infection.
  • Yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection.
Now, let's talk how the yeast infection causes,
  • Yeast grows best in moist and warm infection. So this is recommended to wear cotton underwear and avoid tight panties. It is also recommended that change out damp bathing suits and leotards, as frequently you can.
It is important to note that the symptoms of yeast infection are similar to some other related infections and you should take the consultative advice of health care provider for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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