Wednesday, 17 December 2014

05 changes in your body chemistry by love,

Love changes your body chemistry in a number of ways, the romance about which much is said and written, have a very positive impact on the body chemistry as well, let's take a look,

  • Dopamine is the pleasure fuel of your brain, when you are in love, the dopamine system is activated and it produces more energy and stress-free environment for you. Dopamine is present in both early and long-term love.
  • The intimacy enhancing chemical, oxytocin, released during love results in more bonding among couples resulting in kissing, hugging and touching. Oxytocin levels are also high in new moms results in more milk production and love with the baby.
  • Testosterone levels become high in love, men have naturally more testosterone levels and it can be enhanced by locking lips. Testosterone stoke the fire within you and your partner.
  • The stress hormone, norepinephrine, secretions are enhanced in love, that's why sometimes you have some butterflies in your abdomen, sweat on palms, dry mouth and fumbling words. this hormone also increases your heartbeat, the common feeling with someone very special for you notice you.
  • if you are in love with someone his smell will be a powerful motivation for you. Partners love to use each other shirts and the classic example of having a beloved handkerchief, are the irrelevancies. pheromones, a theoretical hormone plays a role in the human sexual attraction.
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