Thursday, 25 December 2014

The amazing health benefits of Pistachio Nuts

Before you see the health benefits of Pistachio Nuts, let first see it nutritional values.
100 Gm of Pistcahio Nuts contains,
Fats: 46 gm
Sodium: 405 mg
Carbohydrates: 27 gm
Dietary fibres; 10 gm
Sugar: 08 gm
Protein: 21 gm
Vitamin A: 262 iu
Vitamin C; 2.3 mg
vitamin K: 13.2 mcg
Vitamin B1: 0.8 mg
Vitamin B2: 0.2 mg
Vitamin B3: 1.4 mg
Vitamin B6: 1.3 mg
Vitamin B9: 50 mcg
Calcium; 110 mg
Iron: 4.2 mg
Magnesium: 120 mg
Phosphorous: 485 mg
Potassium: 1042 mg
Zinc: 2.3 mg
Copper: 1.3 mg
Manganese: 1.3 mg
Selenium: 9.3 mcg
Omega- 3 fatty acids: 262 mg
Unsaturated fat: 24.2 gm
Saturated fat: 13.9 gm
Calories: 568 K. calories.

Now, lets talk about the wonderful health and beauty benefits of Pistachio Nuts.

  • Cardiovascular System; Its straightens your cardiovascular system as it lowers your blood pressure and due to presence of unsaturated fatty acids, it is cardio friendly nut.
  • Vision: It is very vital to enhance your vision due to the presence of powerful and unique antioxidants, some of which are believed that are present in this nut only.
  • Immune System: It is a powerful booster for your immune system, due to the presence of good amount of Vitamin B family, Magnesium and Copper.
  • Anticancer: Due to the presence of wonderful and potent antioxidants, it reduce your chances of developing cancer.
  • Excellent Source of protein for vegetarians; High quality of protein contents, its an ideal source of proteins for vegetarians and others.
  • Digestion and bowel movement: The sound amount of dietary fibres, make Pistachio Nuts an excellent source of fibres for your daily fibres and improves your digestion and bowel movement.
  • Reduces the symptoms of diseases: Due to the presence of unique nutrition, Pistachio Nuts are ideal in reducing the symptoms of Metabolic syndrome, type- 01 diabetes, erectile dysfunction, dementia, stroke, allergies, arthritis and diseases due weaken immune system.
  • Weight loss: You will be surprised to know that pistachio nuts are an excellent option for the important balance nutrition, for those seeking weight loss.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol levels: Pistachio Nuts is good source of Phytosterols, which reduces the absorption of cholesterol form different foods, you consume, thus lowering the levels of bad cholesterol's in your body.

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