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Take care of your emotional hygiene- Five effective steps

How to take care of your emotional hygiene, before we talk about the five-step process, first let's see what is emotional hygiene.
Emotional Hygiene: Emotional hygiene is to know about and take care of your psychological health and to develop habits to monitor and control the psychological wounds that we encounter in our daily life.
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Currently, we are neglecting our emotional hygiene, but the fact is that it is more important for our happier life, so we should be more interested in our emotional hygiene, than personal hygiene, oral hygiene and our social hygiene. 
Because but neglecting our oral hygiene, we may lose our teeth, but neglecting our emotional hygiene, we may lose our mind, the unbearable loss for ourselves and our loved ones.
So, as we plan for our physical health and fitness, same attention is required for our mental health as well, and the emotional hygiene forms the base of our mental health.
For a better psychological health, thinks about the points,
  • What habits you have adopted to improve your mental health.
  • Do you monitor psychological injuries?
  • Are you protecting your self-esteem?
  • Are you aware that negative self-talk affects your emotional health?
So, let take a start and don,t ignore your emotional hygiene, as you take care of your physical health and hygiene. This is a five-step process,
  1. Be aware of your emotional pains: If you suffer from a physical injury, sometimes it needs to be treated, same is for emotional pains as well. The untreated emotional pains show its signs and symptoms in the form of emotional disturbance, low self-esteem and stress. The causes of emotional pains are multiple, like rejection, failures and feelings of helplessness. Be aware of it, recognize it as not a normal emotional condition and you must treat it.
  2. Manage to stop your emotional bleeding: This is the more challenging fact that emotional pains bring many other complications and painful symptoms, you can call it the bleeding of the emotional pains. Like, if you fail in any attempt, it will bring lack of self-confidence, unfavourable self-image and low self-esteem. So, it's very crucial, treat your emotional pains, so that the bleeding symptoms can be prevented to occur.
  3. Protect your self esteem: self esteem is the immune system of our emotional health. The lower it will be the more chances of getting emotional sickness and its symptoms. So, protect it by avoiding negative self talk and try your level best, to keep it up.
  4. Stop ruminating: Its natural that thinking of faliures and unfavorable events will come to your mind. But when it comes repetitive, its become ruminating rather than thinking. So do not overfocus on the negative thinking, you can fall into depressive disorders and even cardiovascular health challenges, if it continues. Get the skill to not  overfocus on unfavorable events, get rid of ruminating, its damaging for your mental and physical health, even risk for your precious life.
  5. Keep you informed about the impacts of psychological wounds: Recognize the emotional hygiene vital importance for your life. Get information, know about the options of treatment and apply it. Discuss it with your friends and parents, so that the shine and beauty remains inside as well, as outside your body.
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