Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Top 10 fitness tips in pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy has amazing overall health benefits and it shortens,s labour period as well. For this safe exercising is recommended to stay fit during pregnancy and to reduce the recovery time after delivery. Additional health benefits of exercise are reduce swelling and reduction in your low back pain in pregnancy.
The general conception about the exercise in pregnancy is not favouring exercise believing that taking more rest during pregnancy is the safest option for a safe pregnancy output. 
Below are the easy to do 10 effective exercise tips for pregnancy, that can help you to stay fit and get the desired health and pregnancy benefits.

  1. First, do not try something new or you have not tried first. The general exercise or fitness tips are safe for the majority, not necessarily for you. the body responds differently to any health and fitness activity. 
  2. If you are physically in normal health then running is safe during pregnancy. You should ensure well-suited shoes and be well hydrated. It will be wise to run on a flat surface so as to avoid the chances of a fall.
  3. Choose some exercises to strengthens your tummy. This will give you multiple pregnancy benefits in pregnancy and delivery. Ask your fitness expert/ gynaecologist to advice you some safe exercises for this.
  4. You can opt for some relaxation exercises like breathing, stretching and strengthening in the classes conducted by qualified experts. This will not only improve your overall well being but will also add in accommodating the physical changes of pregnancy and will helps you to remain stress-free.
  5. During your pregnancy avoid deep stretching and vigorous exercise. similarly, avoid sports that have the chances of falls and injuries.
  6. Keep your body well hydrated. A minimum of 08 glasses per day. This will helps you to control your body,s temperature and will also help to avoid nausea and constipation, common with pregnancy.
  7. If you want to exercise in gyms, select well ventilated one. Consult with the gym expert to adv you easy to carry exercises and some fitness tips, you can do it in the gym.
  8. Walking is among the best options for you in pregnancy. A daily 20-30 session is enough to get the desired benefits.
  9. You can also try standing push-ups for your fitness in pregnancy. Make it sure to keep your spine neutral with knees, hips and head aligned.
  10. Finally, opt for pelvis tilts. Stand up with your back against the wall, Tilt your pelvis up, exhale and relax. then repeat the same,
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