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10 effective home remedies for constipation.

Constipation can be cured by some effective home remedies. Constipation is difficulty in passing out stools and can also result in the bloated tummy, unusually small or large stools, acidity, depression, stress and mouth ulcers.
Causes of constipation: The causes are,
  • Improper diet
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Irregular defecation habits.
  • less physical activity
  • The weakness of abdominal muscles.
  • Intake of laxatives.
  • Certain medications
Below is the description of 10 effective and easy to follow home remedies to treat constipation.
  1. Lemon juice: Lemon juice is an effective remedy for constipation. Take the juice from half lemon and add it in a glass of warm water. Take this at empty stomach at morning, and for more better results, you can take an additional same glass at evening. Take it and see the results in few days. Adopt this habit on alternate days, maintain gastric motility in healthy individuals as well.
  2. Fennel: Fennel facilitates smooth muscles movement of the gastric system and helps to relieve constipation, bloating, gastric discomfort and irritable bowel syndrome. Now, how you can use fennel. Take one cup of fennel seeds and make it dry. Crush the seeds into powder form and take a half teaspoon at morning at the empty stomach and half teaspoon, while going to bed.
  3. Figs: These are more effective for treating constipation as they are very rich in fibres. Both fresh and dry figs are effective to treat constipation. The most effective recipe is to take 2- 3 almonds and pigs to make a paste of them. Take one tablespoon of this paste at night with half a teaspoon of honey. See the results of relieving the symptoms associated with constipation.
  4. Castor oil: Castor oil is the most effective remedy for treating constipation. Simply, take a two tablespoon of Castor oil empty stomach, to add flavour you can mix it with any fruit juice as well. Within few hours you will get the symptomatic relief. Please note that you should not use Castor oil for long-term use as it may cause some side effects.
  5. Honey: Honey is a simple laxative and it relieves constipation if used regularly. Take two to three tablespoon of honey in any way you enjoy. The most favoured form is to mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice and add both of them in a glass o warm water. Take this glass at early morning, best is to take it at empty stomach.
  6. Flaxseed: Flax seeds are enriched with nutritious fibres and omega- 3 fatty acids. It helps in regulating the bowel movement. The two most favoured forms of taking flax seeds are, first, Mix two tablespoon of flaxseed into a glass of water and keep it for two to three hours, before drinking it. Secondly, take grounded two teaspoons of flax seeds with a glass of half warm water.
  7. Grapes: Grapes is an excellent source of insoluble fibres and thus provides you immediate relief from constipation. You can take grapes in different forms like taking a small bowl of fresh grapes or a half glass of grapes juice. If fresh grapes are unavailable then you can use raisins as well, add two tablespoons of raisins for a day and then consume it at empty stomach at morning.
  8. Spinach: Spinach is the source of healthy nutrients for your whole digestive tract, it gives Trent to your digestive system and also relieves constipation. In case of severe constipation, take half glass of fresh spinach juice twice daily in a combination of half glass warm water.
  9. Molasses: It is an excellent constipation reliever. You can take it at bedtime, in form of one tablespoon of black molasses, before going to bed.
  10. Water and fibres: Constipation can also be relieved if you increase your water intake and including fibres rich food in your diet. Fibres enrich foods are carrots, beans, potatoes, wheat germ and fresh vegetables and fruits.
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