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How to treat cracked heels at home.

Cracked heels can be treated at home. It is caused by multiple reasons, like dry air, lack of moisture, improper nutrition, improper foot care and using the wrong type of shoes. Cracked heels become a very common problem at winter. Let's see how can you treat cracked heels at home,

  1. Vegetable oil: you can treat cracked heels by different vegetable oils. Oils that are more effective for healing the cracked heels are olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. It's best to apply oil on cracked heels at night. First wash your heels thoroughly and then apply oil. Put clean socks after applying oil. Wash your heels, when waking up. Within two to three days, you will feel the difference.
  2. Rice flour: Take a tablespoon of rice flour and mix it with some 1/2 teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar. Stir it till it becomes a paste. Apply this paste on your cracked heels and wash afterwards. For more quick results, first, keep your heels in warm water for five minutes before applying the paste.
  3. Neem leaves: Neem leaves is also an effective remedy for cracked heels. Crush a handful of neem leaves with turmeric powder and mix it well, till it becomes paste. Apply this paste on your feet and wash after one hour with warm water.
  4. lemon Juice: You can use lemon juice for creaked heels in two ways. First, directly apply lemon juice on cracked heels, before falling asleep and then wash with warm water. Secondly, add two tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl of warm water and keep your heels in it for 20- 30 minutes. Then dry off your heels and wear clean socks.
  5. Glycerin and Rosewater: Mix an equal amount of glycine and rose water and apply it on your heels before going to bed. Your cracked heels will be cured in two to three days.
  6. Paraffin wax: Use of paraffin wax is effective not only to heel the cracked heels but also to give quick relief from the pain associated with the cracked heels. First, melt the paraffin wax with mustard oil and afterwards apply it on your cracked heels. Your symptoms will be cured and the cracks will disappear with few days application.
  7. Banana: Its paste is the most common remedy for the cracked heels. Blind half banana and apply its paste on your heels. Wait for 15- 20 minutes till your heels absorb the nutrients completely and wash with warm water afterwards. The effects will be apparent with 5- 6 days application.
  8. Honey: Being an excellent moisturize your cracked heels, honey can best be used as skin moisturizer and for treating your cracked heels. Stir one teaspoon of honey with a bucket of warm water and apply the solution on your heels for nourishing and to treat the cracks.
  9. Warm salt water: Pamper your feet's in warm salty water for 15- 20 minutes and dry off later on. Wear clean socks after cleaning your feet.
  10. Petroleum jelly: This is the most widely used item for treating he dry and cracked skin. Apply it well on your skin, ideally before going to bed. A two to three days application will turn your skin moist and your cracks will disappear.
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