Friday, 2 January 2015

Oranges- gives wonderful mega three benefits for your hairs.

The amazing nutrients within the oranges are not only beneficial for your health and skin beauty but it also gives stringy, vitality to your hairs and remove the dandruff. Lets see how it do this,

  • Oranges as hair conditioner: You can prepare a pure natural conditioner for your hair by taking juice of one average size orange, one cup of mild warm water and one teaspoon of honey. The mixture should be applied to hairs, when you shampooed your hairs. Leave it for 5- 10 minutes and later one wash as you wash your hairs in routine. Yo will see the amazing benefits of an excellent conditioner adding shine and life to your hairs.
  • Oranges for hair growth: Your hairs needs nutrients for its growth and vitality. Oranges is the best source for the same. Vitamin C, folic acid, flavonoids are the nutrients having excellent positive impacts upon hair growth, all are in rich quantity in oranges. So regular consumption of oranges maintains and improves your hairs natural growth and prevent them from fall.
  • Oranges for dandruff relief: Orange peels are the amazing dandruff remedy for your hairs. You can use it, opting for ant of three ways, scrub your scalp by grind ed orange peels or you opt for the natural mixture, adding orange peels into hot boiled water and use the solution upon your hairs for dandruff relief.
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