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Physical changes in Girls in between 09- 16 years of age.

Puberty is the crazy time, physical changes occur in the girl's body, but what is a cause of these changes, these are your body hormones. 

These are your body hormones, which are in inactive form in childhood get awaken and signals your body for changes. The physical changes in girls due to hormones are,

Timing of Puberty in Girls
Puberty starts in different girls at the different time and will last differently in different girls. It may start at the age of 08 years until the age of 13 years in girls. The complete transformation of a girl child till its mature puberty may take time from one year to 06 years. The puberty happens to tie every girl, so it is happening to you as well, do, t fear.
In general, it's a well-accepted fact that girls enter in puberty two years early as compared to boys, the stage of physical development in generalized form areas,
  • The growth of breasts: 08- 13 Years.
  • The growth of pubic hair: 08- 14 Years.
  • Body growth: 10- 14 Years.
  • First period: 10- 16 years.
  • Underarm hair: two years after pubic hair grows.
  • Acne: About the same time of underarm hairs.
For some girls the sequence of changes may alter, maybe pubic hair develop first and then breast develops, it normal.
Now, let's talk about these physical changes, you will go through one be one in detail.
Breast Development
Breast development in your body initiates at an age of 9 years and go through development in throughout of your puberty. Its stages are as,
  • A flat area develops around nipples first.
  • Some breast tissue forms under nipples.
  • When breast development completes, it shows normal and no swollen below nipples are can be seen.
  • Breast size varies from girl to girl and it depends on upon multiple nutritional and genetic factors.
Pubic Hair
Public hairs also grow after six months of your breast development, it starts growing at your private part opening first and then develops on thighs as well, in some population of girls. With the passage of time, it becomes rough and coarser.
Body Growth
Your body grow faster in the puberty stage and at normal you gain a height of 3.5 inches a year. First, your head, hand and feet grow in size and vigour, followed by the growth in your arms and legs. Finally, your torso and shoulders balance itself to the rest of your body.
You should remember the point, that along with height you also gain weight in this stage, it happens to everyone, its OK.
This is the final development in the physical development of girls, the Acne. Underarm hairs began to grow and the pores from which these hairs emerges, starts continue secretions of oil, finally, the pores become clogged and this results in acne. How to manage acne in girls is a serious query, the simplest solution is to wash your face thrice daily with a good germicidal soap. If acne breakthrough continues, talk to your dermatologist.

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