Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why playing sports is important for girls.

Playing sports helps you in every step of your life. It keeps you fit and healthy to cope with your future and present challenges. 
The results of the Women Sports Foundation conducted a comprehensive survey, which shows that there is a close relationship between the academic successes and sports. Let's see the results,

  • The girls participating in sports are less likely to opt for drug use and to get graduation.
  • 50% of girls participating in sports have above average self-esteem and less than average depression levels.
  • 80% of women mentioned in Fortune 500, played sports in their teenage.
  • Students playing sports graduate with higher rates than otherwise.
Now, what to play.
It's not important what you are playing. Important is what you enjoy the most. The most you enjoy the more suitable is for you. Now what to do if you are not enjoying sports due to any reason, like you are shy, Then most important for you, enhance your social skills and self-esteem, Meanwhile opt for any below-mentioned activity, to remain healthy and fit.

  • Go for a walk alone or with your mom, friend.
  • Try hiking on weekends.
  • Try swimming.
  • Try some home-based aerobic exercises.
If you like sports, then continue it, rather better for you to make it competitive. Play sports like basketball, Soccer, field hockey and football.
Never forget that Cheerleading is a good and healthy sport for you as well.

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