Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Weight loss- Take exercise as fun for success.

You can lose weight by exercise, if you are getting weight loss, then there is a need to alter the exercise, this will require the fun approach to exercise, only then will be able to get the plan executed.
You will enjoy hearing this that the people approach exercise effects their food habits as well and hence the weight loss.
This question, why I am not losing weight by exercise, have puzzled the scientist and make those stressed that are trying to lose weight by exercise. Even some people have added pounds despite the exercise.
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But WHY?
The recent information available, have justified the above-mentioned results in the weight loss, by arguing that exercise stimulates the appetite hormones, and individuals are more prone to food intake compared to the individuals not taking exercise but the explanation is not enough. 
So, to answer the question, the explanation was researched through psychology and the exercise was termed a phenomenon that alters the people eating habits.  In the continuation the weight loss experts have selected 56 women, the majority of them are obese, there are brief that they have to take a half a mile walk followed by lunch. The MOST IMPORTANT point was that half the women were told that they are taking exercise and they have to ensure their calories consumption, while the other half were told that they are hired to test the sound and music quality of the headphones, so enjoy your walk, listen to the music.
At the end of the Walk, the approach of the two groups is analyzed, the first group, were more fatigued and exhausted as compared to the second one, and MOST INTERESTING point was that the first group preferred more calories loaded diet, chocolate items and soda compared to the second group. The Calories they consume were far more than that was actually consumed through the half a mile walk. To further prove the same, exercise impacts upon the diet consumption, The same type of experiment were repeated thrice, with some modification of individuals, type of exercise and the posting behavior toward food intake, the results remain same, those who have taken exercise as physical activity for weight loss, are more attributive towards calories intake, than those who have taken exercise for fun.
THE RATIONAL EXPLANATION IS STILL AWAITED, the known psychological answer is, the answer to the relationship between exercise and approach to consuming, is still not known, and the query is complex as well, as it involves hormones, genetics and neurological activities of appetite and the reward processes, but one possible explanation is, majority of us need some subjective recompense for working out, so if exercise is taken is an enjoyment, so no compensation is required. The ideal forms are group walk with those we enjoy the company.

So, have fun, not exercise, it will make the weight loss happens, LET NOW SEE THE SIMPLEST 2O FORMS OF FUN EXERCISE.
1.    Hiking with friends whom company you enjoy.
2.    Avoid four wheels for distances that can be covered in 30 mins or less.
3.    Larping, i-e Action Plan or role-playing.
4.    Rock Climbing, The best arm, back and forearm exercise.
5.    Geocaching, Simple group activity in which an item is hidden and the participants are asked to find out.
6.    Dancing, the sweats within 10 mints are showing the calories consumed.
7.    Roughhousing with children.
8.    Climbing on stuff.
9.    Martial arts.
1.Building a Standing Desk.

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