Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Whiten Teeth- The most effective and safe way.

In office teeth, whitening options can best be decided by a qualified dentist and can remove the stains from your teeth. 
The bottom line of all the procedure mentioned is satisfactory but with patience, pain, teeth sensitivity and the results vary from individual to individual, Maybe temporarily.
The quick methods, of teeth whitening, applied in the dentist’s office use hydrogen peroxide; with this, the most common complaints are the teeth sensitivity and gums irritations. Higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide may also result in some more hazardous side effects as well.
Most important point for teeth whitening is that the most aggressive method may not be necessarily the most effective one as well. As per research findings, at home teeth whitening procedure, using 10% Carbamide peroxide gel for two weeks, is as effective as 35% hydrogen peroxide, with light, used in the dentist’s office.
The second point is that most dentist uses light, laser or heat to activate the bleaching process, this may potentially because the damage to the pulp tissue, the only solution for the pulp tissue is to fix the root canal.
Heat and hot light also dehydrate the teeth to look whiter and it takes two weeks to teeth to rehydrate as it was naturally, when it will be rehydrated, it may return its stain look, as it was before the procedure.
Another aspect of the laser and heating with the in-office teeth whitening procedure is that its effects upon teeth whitening is very negligible.
Now, let’s discuss the teeth whitening procedure at home, before opting for the home-based teeth whitening procedure, the fillings and crowns of the teeth must e rechecked by the dentist. If the crowns are not perfectly sealed, any home-based whitening procedure upon the teeth can cause severe sensitivity to teeth.
Now, How you can opt for the most effective and safe teeth whitening procedure. Remember the following value-added points.
·        Not all stains are alike, so the way to remove it should not be same.
·        Teeth stains caused by tea, coffee, smoking and teeth staining foods, are well whiten teeth bleaching at home.
·        When you get older, the teeth naturally become yellowish and any bleaching will be less effective to make it natural again.
·        We cannot generalized, after how much time your teeth will get stains again, after getting teeth whitening procedure.
·        Patients with sensitive teeth may also go through the whitening procedure, in the treatment of the dental care provider.
·        First and most important are to know about the reasons of teeth discolouration.
·        Opting for any home-based teeth whitening way, we ensure that the product is recommended by the American Dental Association.
·        Read the procedure very carefully, be stick to it. Do not over legitimatize the usage of any package; it will harm your teeth.
·         Do not expect results in few days, it normally takes up to two-three weeks.

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