Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How you can Support art?

Lets talk about the five ways you can supports arts.

  • Do not urge much, while buying arts. Original art works are always expensive. Set your budget and go for the purchase as per choice, in return it will give you a high quality of lifestyle and social esteem.
  • When opting for a show, go for the live theater show or an indie film instead of a movie.
  • Develop the habit of reading books and buy the original works of living authors. 
  • Buy full price tickets to magician and musician.
  • Put some value in the basket of the street performer.
  • Be polite and quite during live performance.
  • Support band during the stage when they get less gigs.
  • Manage, Guess what the band is? events instead of music parties.
  • Buy hand made alternatives, you can afford for your daily routine activities.
  • Opt for hand made jewelry, it will not only boost your self esteem, but will also give support to the artists.
  • Localize your support for the arts, in any feasible way.
  • Get yourself involve in the arts, by reading, pay compliments, visits to museums and arts schools, donate directly to local theater and by feeling its ascetic side.
  • Know the artists and remain in contact with them.
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