Wednesday, 22 April 2015

You are fit, healthy and beautiful, But you are not agreed- 09 Surprising facts

Maybe you are in some thinking disorders, and are not respecting yourself, a condition called as low self-esteem, this condition has some very logical reasons that keep your self-esteem at the lower side. Now let's see the 09 surprising facts about this, but have a stop if you want to learn about the basics of this, click below on the relevant topic.

Now, come to our talk,

  • If you are considering yourself as imperfect, unlovable and incompetent, then you are in thinking disorder. This develops to the faulty assumptions about yourself and develops a self-defeating behaviour.
  • At the high school stage, 40% of Girls and 14% of boys consider themselves as obese and are attempting to lose weight. 
  • During the age of 15 years to 17, 70% of girls avoid the daily routine activities, when they feel bad about themselves. 
  • More than 40% of the boys at the middle school stage do exercise regularly merely for the reason to build their muscles.
  • 75 % of the girls with bad self- precept, takes drinks, drugs and also involved in the bullying, cutting and eating disorders.
  • 20% of the teenagers suffer from depression before they reach puberty.
  • The top wish of the teenage girls for their parents is to communicate openly with them.
  • 38% of the high school boys take protein supplements to look more masculine and 6% use steroids.
  • 7 among 10 girls believe themselves as imperfect, non- competent in academic and social aspects,  in their look and beauty aspects.

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