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Highlights of the first Cricket match in world history. March- 15, 1877

The first cricket Match in history was played between Australia and England on March 15, 1876. It's a four-day test cricket Match. The highlight of the match is,

  • Australia won the toss and choose to bat.
  • Alfred Shaw makes the first bowling delivery to Charles Bannerman, The batsman is the first-century man in the cricket history.
  • By taking the first catch on his own bowling, take the first Catch and the first wicket in the cricket match.
  • Southerton is the oldest cricket player then and now, he is playing the match at the age of 49 years and 119 days.
  • Bannerman scored 165 runs and is still a record, as % age contribution in total score, he was unable to complete his inning due to injury.

  • 4500 people attend the match o first day and 4000, 10 000 and 2000 on the next three days respectively.
  • Close to four days.
  • The first day, Australia, ist innings, 166/ 6 wickets.
  • The second day, England, ist innings, 109/ 4 wickets.
  • The third day, Australia, second inning, 83/ 9 Wickets.
  • England Second inning, 108 runs, all out.

Australian Team;

  • C Bannerman.
  • NFD Thomson.
  • TP Horan.
  • DW Gregory.
  • BB Copper
  • WE Midwinter
  • EJ Gregory.
  • JM Blackham
  • TW Garrett
  • TK Kendal
  • JR Hodges
England Team:

  • J juff
  • J Selby
  • HRJ Charlwood
  • G Ulyett
  • A Geen Wood
  • T Armitage.
  • A Shaw
  • T Emmett
  • A Hill
  • James Lilly white
  • J Southerton

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