Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rainbow Gathering Tribe. The tribe of today Modern world.

A rainbow gathering is temporary and intentional communities that are held every year in the developed countries of United States, Mexico, Russia, Canada and Europe. These intentional and temporary communities are aimed for the practices of ideals, peace, harmony, freedom and combined families/ community concepts to raise voice against consumerism, capitalism and mass media. These gatherings stands for,


  • The need to achieve highly desirable and neat qualities.
  • Stands for the importance of the unconventional lifestyle of like-minded people.
  • Stands against the current commercialism, prevailing in the globe.

rainbow gathering means different for different people, however, they agreed are,

  • We are brothers and sisters, and the members/ creatures of one God. called ourselves as a rainbow family tribe.

Invitation for participants,

  • We humbly invite all the race, people, tribe, individual, men and women- out of love.
  • All nations and national leaderships- our of respect.
  • All religions and religion followers- out of faith.
  • All politicians- out of charity.

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