Monday, 27 April 2015

Sleep- How to get out most.

Good sleeping habits are good for everyone, form teenagers to old. A sound and calm sleep not only keeps you fresh and active, but also helps you to remain stress free and more productive. Here are some good sleeping habits, that will add more rest in your sleep.

  • Establish a regular and relaxing routine for night sleep.
  • Avoid all products containing caffeine, like soda, tea, coffee and chocolate, before at least 3 hours from sleep.
  • Smoking add nicotine to your body, it is a stimulating ingredient and disturbs your sleep.
  • Stimulating activities like watching action movies, computer games, shows or such type of readings should be avoided before going to bed.
  • Promote calm and soothing activities in the home atmosphere at sleep time.
  • Do not fall a sleep during watching TV or any movie.
  • A regular exercise routine and healthy diet helps you to have a sound sleep.
  • Avoid bright light at evening.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep routine, even try it for weekends, so as to avoid any fatigue issue on Monday.
  • Have a fix napping schedule and maintain its duration.
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