Friday, 1 May 2015

Its a symbol of Survival as well- The master pieces of Art by Mickolas Kiss.

a The bugs are turned into the masterpieces of Arts by Milkos Kiss. It represents both the basic and contemporary art, The effect is roach representing the contemporary approach while the material and workmanship represents its basic art aspects.

  • The artist encourages the masses to buy these roaches, or take it along with them anywhere.
  • He placed this master pieces into the museums as well.
  • Its a precious item both because of its value and the physical interactivity, with its viewers.

What Mikolas Kiss describes it as,

  The roach is one of the most disgusting insect, which can get inside anything, have earned a double fame in public awareness by its imperishable.  People treat the roach as a synonyms for disgust because of the common repugnance it causes, but at the same time, as an insect which is capable of adopting the most extreme situations, it is a symbol of survival.

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