Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Living a life of Gratitude- Reverse aging, Stress and ill health


Gratitude is a simple and effective practice and the benefits are real and attainable. many of us know this in our hearts, but now its proven by modern sciences. Gratitude creates a healthier, happier and more fulfilling state of being for anyone who takes a few moments to feel and reflects on it.
We are consuming a consistent dose of bad news, surprises and crises one after another, which negatively impacts our physical and mental health, happiness and speeds up our ageing process as well. To counteract the negative impacts, we can simply apply a straightforward strategy of, appreciating the good in our lives.
This shift in the thinking processes of viewing the desirable aspects of our life to them, appreciating the good in our life, have very positive effects upon our psychology. It balances our heart rhythms, soothes our nervous system, boosts our immune system and hormonal equilibrium and, surprisingly, boost the production of anti-ageing components DEHA in our lives. A long-term association with this mode of life leads to,

  • The decrease in stress levels.
  • Improvement in quality of sleep.
  • helps in an occurrence of depression.
  • indirectly helps to protect us from the devastating effects of stress, like cardiovascular diseases, mental illness, auto-immune disturbances and in summary, help us to prevent the health-destroying syndrome.
A new research conducted at the Institute of heart math and the Naval postgraduate school has shown that emotional self-management programmer significantly reduces the stress creating hormone, the cortisol, which results in the amazingly reduces levels of stress and anxiety.

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