Wednesday, 6 May 2015

There is a new cure for Double chin.

Nobody loves double chin. If any medicine for the cure gets successful, then double chin will be the body aspect of the past. 
  • FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has recently approved new medicine, Khybella, for the treatment of double chin. This is a complete course of few injections and promised to get rid of double chin. Its composition is similar to deoxycholic acid, a chemical produced in the human body, and it absorbs fats. 

Khybela is initially tested upon 1, 022 patients, in a dose of one injection/ month for continuous six months and has got satisfactory results. The dose requirement of why Bella is dependent upon person to person response to medicine, and it may be given up to 50 injections,  for a complete treatment of double chin.

  • The potential side effects of Khybella are the nerves injury in the jaw, that may cause uneven smile or facial muscle weakness.

Their is a probability of recurrence of double chin as well in some individuals, the FDA stated. Another important point to consider is that it is only recommended to blast double chin, knit any other obese body organ.

You can opt for effective home remedies of double chin as well, to treat double chin at home, see the complete description in the video, below.
  • Till today, Khybella is the only FDA approved medicine for blasting double chin and is still to be marketed.

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