Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Three most effective ways to treat yeast vaginal infections.

Yeast vaginal infections effects 75% of Global women population, which effects them at least once in life.  A bacteria candida cause yeast vaginal infections in women, The common symptoms of yeast vaginal infections are,

  • intense itching.
  • Burning along with inner and outer labia.
  • Redness.
  • Curd like discharge.

Now, lets talk about the treatment options available for yeast vaginal infections. 

  1. Anti- fungal prescription pills: The most prescribed pills are Fluconazole, with different variants of the same medicine available in the market. Its efficacy is 90%, to cure this particular infection. Their are multiple advantages of using pills, its convenience of intake, no leaking like creams or gels and your routine daily activities are not effected by it.
  2. Anti- fungal creams; This is commonly available with an  applicator, to insert a measurable treatable dose of the cream. Common formulations are available in pack of one, two or seven days treatment. Long treatment options are more effective than the single day formulations, with a infection cure rate of 70%.
  3. Boric Acid vaginal suppositories: For those women in which pills and creams are not effective, this is an effective option. Boric acid have both the anti- fungal and bactericidal properties and it kills both the bacteria and fungus, when inserted for the treatment of yeast vaginal infections.

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