Thursday, 11 June 2015

keep your waist line in check with out exercise- 07 workable tips.

The good news is that there are ways that will keep you, both energetic and you will also be able to keep your waistline in check. What you need to do is to avoid high-fat foods and living on a treadmill.
 Here are the seven workable tips for the same,

  1. Do not eat for counter your boredom, eat when you are hungry: As per the studies people eat I response to boredom more than any other emotions. This is the major cause of emotional eating. So, do not raid on your kitchen, when you are bored. Apply some more options to counter your boredom, go for a walk, play with your kid, read a book and do something you enjoy. 
  2. Do not skip breakfast, unless you are really not hungry: You have heard of it traditionally and later on, talks have also proved that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day. This is the same you-you as an adult, your kids and your preschool kid. Consistent breakfast results in the healthy weight gain for preschool children and this is a very friendly tip for your waistline as well, to keep it in check. However, if you are really not hungry, do not force yourself to take breakfast.
  3. The best spot of eating is a table, not a screen or car: Eating in front of a screen keep away the mindfulness for out of balance for eating. So do not eat in front of a screen or in your car. Consume food on the table, enjoy you're late and it will help you to keep in control your waistline.
  4. Do not keep crackers, chips and processed food items in your pantry: An interesting fact is that if there are candies in your pocket or in your pocket, it increases its consumption probabilities by 50% than the situation, where if they are placed two meters away. Same is the chances of junk food intake if they are in your pantry than in the grocery store. 
  5. Snack of natural foods than processed foods: When have the urge to have some snack, take fibres rich food items, fruits and salads are the best options. Nuts in moderate quantity, healthy smoothies. Your body will get the essential vitamins, minerals and necessary calories on one side and will keep your waistline in control on the other.
  6. Do not be attentive to food commercials: Several studies have found a direct relationship between the food intake and the food commercials you watch. Young boys and girls have increased their food intake by 45% and adults too when exposed to regular food commercials. So take a screen break, for a food commercial. For USA study have confirmed that one among three children will not be obese, if not exposed to so frequent food commercials.
  7. Avoid Stress: Stress is the major cause of hormonal changes that irregular your food intake habits and results and then results in your our of check waistline.

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