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Black heads on skin- 07 most effective tips to get rid of it.

Although blackheads are not so showy as their counterparts, cystic acne, but are still a bummer. You know it better, blackheads are small unassuming blacks small dots, on the part of the skin that has the highest oily content, particular the nose head. When extracted blackheads have white pus which is not disgusting.
Causes of Blackheads: It is a common perception that blackheads are the accumulation of dirt on the skin, but the fact is others. In facts, these are the hormones that cause the pores to produce extra oil. This extra oil is being mixed with the dead skin cells and when this combination mixes with the open air, it oxidizes and turns black, resulting in the blackheads.
How you can avoid blackheads: It will be a hard challenge to avoid blackheads completely, particularly if you have an oily skin. however, there are some tips that can absorb the excess oil and can help you to avoid the blackheads. Gentle cleaning and exfoliation can further help you to avoid the blackheads. 
07 Effective home remedies for black heads

  • Bentonite clay to cure blackheads: Bentonite clay is enriched with minerals and is used in multiple skin challenges, same is for blackheads as well. When bentonite clay is wet, in the gel form, it has amazing benefits of extracting out the extra oils and impurities and helps you to get rid of blackheads. You can mix the clay with water or with apple cider vinegar. Apply the paste on the affected skin part and let it dry. After the application, you may feel skin drier, moisturize it with oil-free moisturizer or it will turn normal after some hours.
  • Egg white mask for blackheads: Egg white is easy to get and apply the remedy for blackheads. Apply it gently on the effected skin with black heads and let it dry. Egg white also contains vital nutrients for skin health and tone, which will give added benefits to the skin.
  • Honey and Milk pore strips: Both Milk and honey have multiple benefits for skin, due to its amazing ingredients these two have and also due to its physical properties. When mixing in equal quantity, it gives surprising benefits for blackheads. Honey has antibacterial properties and lactic acid in milk keeps skin healthy and flawless. Apply this two mixture on the affected skin and apply dry and clean cotton on it. Keep it on the skin for at least 20 minutes. For a better homogeneous mixture of milk and honey, heat the mixture in the oven for 10 seconds and blend it again, to have a better mixture. After 20 minutes. Carefully remove the strips from the skin and wash with warm water and moisturize it.
  •   Treat blackheads with water: Its simple and easy, it works. Splash your face with fresh water and dry it with a soft towel. Apply moisturizer afterwards. 
  • Cinnamon and Honey mask to cure blackheads: Mix both the cinnamon and honey in equal quantity and mix it well. Cover your effected space with the mixture for three to five minutes. Afterwards and moisturize it. Cinnamon will also enhance the blood circulation to the part of skin it is applied and thus will be enriched with oxygen and nutrients, helping the affected skin to be healthier and clean from inside as well.
  • Lemon juice to cure blackheads: Rinse your face first and collect the fresh lemon juice in a soft bottle up to the quantity that can fully dampen a cotton ball. Gently apply to your skin with blackheads three to four times a week. The best time for its application is before going to bed. You can wash and moisturize your skin when waking up.
  • Baking Soda to cure blackheads: Make a thick and separable paste of baking soda with water. Gently massage your skin with the mixture.
For all the seven tips above, make sure that use a non- oil moisturize and if you have over sensitive skin or facing some skin disease, consult your dermatologist.


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