Saturday, 27 June 2015

07 things healthy people do every morning.

You can set a tone for a happy, healthy and productive day by opting to positive habits at morning.
 Here are seven of them, common in a majority of healthy people.

  1. Drink a glass of water as you wake up: A glass of water hydrates your body refreshes your digestive system and make things flow away. You can get the additional benefits by adding a lemon liquid into it, for a healthier and fresh skin.
  2. Do not check your e.mail or phone at least for an hour, when you wake up: Garbing the cell phone or checking your e.mail, when you just wake up is not a good habit. Resist the temptation for an hour, you will feel more focused happy and clear minded.
  3. Think of gratitude: Nature has awarded a lot of gifts to all of us, same is for you. Think a while for things you have gratitude.
  4. Come outside and have a deep breath: Do it even if it is cold. A deep breathing is the realization of your life. It takes just 10 seconds.
  5. Move your body: If you have not scheduled or planning for a regular exercise, just move your body for at least 5- 10 minutes. A few stretches will also give you good benefits.
  6. Take time to have your breakfast: Take a healthier breakfast, options are eggs, soaked oats, healthier smoothies. If you think, these items take little time to prepare.
  7. Say/ think something positive about yourself: You have countless strengths of your individual self. Think about it. More better say it in front of mirror. 


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