Monday, 22 June 2015

10 things you did not know about shampoo.

For a good hair day, every day, you need shampooing your hair. For this you need some basics about shampoo, you may never hear before,
  • The shampoo is not the only important part in washing, equally important is the massage of scalp, hairs and rinsing are.
  • Being natural shampoo is not necessarily better for you as some natural ingredients like lemon can irritate the scalp and menthol and mint can cause severe allergic reactions to skin.
  • Do not expect results based on shampoo commercials the results you are watching in commercials is the patient and hard worked hair artists.
  • Less shampoo is more enough, as more shampoo will create a lot of foam and you will be unable to massage your hairs effectively.
  •  Do not believe upon the ingredients of the shampoo unless it is least present in 5% of total volume, like olive oil and caviar.
  • The quality of shampoo is not dependent, either you are buying it in a saloon or from a drug store.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo at least once in a week, to clarify the hairspray, yellow ingredients from the environment, perspiration, city smog and minerals from your shower water.
  • Your hair does not get used to any shampoo rather the texture of your hair may be changed due to weather or some of your more hair care or some of your body sound nutritious status.
  • Even the most suitable shampoo cannot change your hair permanently, you have to continue it for the sustained results.
  • Not all ingredients in a shampoo are good for your hair, you have to differentiate the irritating one from the good one.

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