Wednesday, 17 June 2015

10 ways to protect yourself from breast cancer.

Here are the highlights of the 10 ways you can protect yourself from breast cancer.
  1. Although self-exams are not medically recommended- but do them anyway: You should be smart enough to know about the look and feel of your breasts. There is no specific pattern in which you should do the self-exam or any specific day of the month, on which it should be done. Most important is that you should do it often and that you should be aware of distinguishing any wordiness change from the usual check of lumps and dumps. If you feel anything odd, do not be panic. Have a visit to your doctor and get the clinical advice. Good point is that many lumps are accommodating, but the doctor advice will help you to relieve your worry and to treat the root cause at earlier if any.
  2. You get minimal radiation from mammogram: As per the new research findings that the risk of radiation from a mammogram is lower than previously thought.  As the new mammogram use 22% less radiation than the traditional mammogram, It also takes sharper picture so the chances of taking the picture back are less.  Please make it sure that the centres, you are opting for this, have the digital facility, than the traditional one.
  3. Your weight matters more than what you eat: This is still debatable that either certain foods have an impact on increasing or reducing the effects of breast cancer. But this confirms that your weight has a role that it plays in the development of breast cancer. The more weight you have, so are the body fats. more body fats are associated with the increase chances of estrogen storage which increase the chances of tumour growth. Lower your weight reduce the chances of your breast cancer occurrence. 
  4. Take a preventive medicine if you are at risk: If you are at risk of breast cancer take a preventive medicine. Selective estrogen receptor modulator and aromatase inhibitor are good category medicines, if your doctor agrees, can significantly reduce your chances of breast cancer. Your doctor have various tools for determining the chances, like Gail Model, a score of 70% more chances of breast cancer cam makes you a strong candidate for the need of the medicines. An important point to consider is that these medicines have serious side effects as well, so the consultant advice should be the prime criteria for deciding to take these medicines.
  5. If your mother has breast cancer at age 35, your chances of getting will be slightly above average: Postmenopausal breast cancer is typically a disease of ageing and your doctor may not screen you differently than the women with no history. The case of genes on premenopausal breast cancer should be a serious concern for you. If your mom has a breast cancer at the age of 35, your chances of getting the breast chances are more than by 30% to 40%. As per the statement of American Cancer Society, if you have inherited a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 your lifetime chances of getting the cancer are about 80%.
  6. Above 90% women who got breast cancer do not have any family history: All women are the risk of getting the breast cancer, however, if you have any type of cancer history in your family, you should be more vigilant about the risk. Care should also be taken, to have a look at both your mother and father side history of cancer.
  7. Alcohol raises your chance of breast cancer: Alcohol, even a single drink, raise your breast cancer risk. The way in which the alcohol is metabolized in women body disturbs the estrogen levels and enhances the chances of breast cancer.
  8. Smoking increases your risks of breast cancer: Smoking causes chronic inflammation in your body and raises the risk of breast cancer. There are 16% more chances of getting breast cancer if you have a smoking history of more than 10 years. Second-hand smoking has the same impacts.
  9. Removal of breast is not the only option, if you got a breast cancer: Removal of the tumor and its surrounding tissues is an effective option as removal of breast, in majority cases of  breast cancer treatment.
  10. Exercise reduce your chances of breast cancer: A thirty-minute exercise a day reduces your chances of breast cancer. It regulates your estrogen levels and enhances your immunity, helping to prevent the growth of any abnormal tissue growth and its spreading within the body.

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